Summary: Don’t miss a visitation with the King

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Intro: years ago in Maine our family planned a fishing trip, they called me once, twice, but I kept sleeping. When I woke up, they were gone and when they came back home, it was one of the greatest days of fishing ever. I was sick for a week. They caught some of the most beautiful trout ever. Jesus wept because people missed their blessing, they missed the peace that only He could give, they missed the King.

Don’t Miss The King

Luke 19:28-44

key verse 44

background: Jesus rides into Jerusalem riding on a donkey. Here comes the Messiah, not as a mighty warrior but a humble servant. That is why so many missed Him, He didn’t do it the way they planned Messiah would do it, so they missed Him. Today, Don’t miss the King, no matter what your theology is, don’t miss the King.

I. Don’t Miss Your Opportunity to Give–v.31-34 the owner of this colt, (donkey) could have missed his opportunity to give to the King. When the disciples were unloosing the colt, he said, what are you doing? They said, the Lord needs this colt. And the man gave them the colt for the King.

Jesus rides His triumphal entry on this man’s donkey. Can you imagine that because he was willing to give, his colt became the limo for the King. Can you see all the people cheering for Jesus, this man was probably shouting, that’s my donkey. In your life, don’t miss out on the opportunity to give. It may be a small gift, it may be a gift of great sacrifice, but the Lord needs it. That is the wonder of giving to the King, you become a part of His victory ride. I want to encourage you to give to the King so you can share in the Kingdom.

II. Don’t miss your opportunity to serve the King–v.35

( a colt never ridden) I am sure that some of you know a lot more about horses and colts than I do. But I understand one thing, any animal never ridden before could cause trouble, especially a mule. This could have been a terrible story, it could have been known as the ride that never happened, the colt didn’t cooperate. It could have been called the bumpy ride of Christ, a colt that tried to throw Jesus off. Jesus could have come into town like a member of the Bull riders association with his left hand in the air. But this simple animal was gentle and served the King. Sometimes Jesus asks us to serve and we can grumble and complain. Sometimes He may ask us to carry a heavy load, and we say we don’t want to carry that load. But just like this colt, your biggest day will be the day you serve the King. I don’t know who else this donkey ever carried, I don’t know what ever happened in the rest of this animals life. But on this day, he carried the King. If any animal deserves to be in heaven, (besides our Maltese Martha, it would be this colt. If this colt came through the pearly gates, walked up to the throne, Jesus could say, I remember you, your first trip was your best trip, when you carried the King. By the way, if my pets get in, yours will too.

III. Don’t Miss Your Opportunity to Praise the King-v.36-40 The religious leaders were complaining to Jesus tell your disciples to quiet down. Jesus said, if they don’t praise Me, the very rocks will cry out in praise. Every day you have the awesome opportunity to praise the King. You can thank Him for all His blessings in your life, you can praise Him for all the great things He has done for you. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise Him in the morning, praise Him in the evening, praise Him when the sun goes down. Don’t let a day slip by, don’t let the King pass you by without giving Him the glory that is due His Name. Reach out and touch the Lord as He goes by, you’ll find He’s not to busy to hear your heart’s cry, He is passing by this moment your needs to supply, reach out and touch the Lord as He goes by.

IV. Don’t Miss Your Personal Visitation with the King-v.41-44 Jesus wept because people missed this visitation of the King. He knew their cheers would become jeers, He knew they wouldn’t accept Him as the true Messiah. He knew that one day they would suffer because they would miss the peace that comes with giving your life to the King. Today, we cry as we see people who suffer in a life of bondage because they have missed the visitation of the King. Today, we are thankful that we didn’t let Him pass by. A visitation with the King is the day that changes your life forever. When He visits you, your life is never the same. As one man said, the grass got green, the sky was bluer and everything was better when I surrendered my life to Christ. Every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before, every day with Jesus I love Him more and more, Jesus saves and keeps me, and He’s the one I’m waiting for, every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before. Today, Jesus is calling, calling for you and for me, calling for sinners come home. Over the years I have seen what a visitation with Jesus will do. It will put a marriage back together, it will lift up someone who is discouraged, it will give joy back that is missing in life. A visit with Jesus will turn someone’s life around.

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