Summary: God could have & should have wiped us all out in the beggining, but because of his grace & mercy he allows us, like Job, to not just have life but to have it more abundantly & ultimately, get everything we didn’t deserve."

I. Introduction:

I am convinced today that one of the hardest things to do as believers is to endure trials, tribulations, and struggles. We wish that life was just a bed of roses and that everything was just peachy keeny all the time. But the truth be told, trials & tribulations are a way of life for the believer. (Elaborate.)(Give scripture to back up..)

But I am also convinced that God ultimately rewards us in many tangible & intangible ways for enduring trials and hardships, and that just like he did with Job, he’ll give you double for your trouble!

So preacher, how do I get "double for my trouble."?

II. Body: How To Get "Double For Your Trouble."

A.) Realize that we all have internalized struggles in life that, one way or another, we have to get through.

- Job realized this fact from the beginning & accepted it as truth, therefore he was able to face them more readily & get through them.

- The sooner you realize that trials & tribulations are a way of life & the sooner you can get over that fact is all the more sooner you’ll be able to deal with trials in life.

- Simply stated, "GET OVER IT!"

B.) Accept what you don’t know, and quit complaining.

-This was Job’s problem earlier on, before his acceptance. (vs. 3) He didn’t know why he was suffering so, and so therefore he began to complain consistently.

- We have to accept the fact that a lot of times we just don’t know the reasons why, get over it, and move on and quit complaining!

- If Job could have done it again, I think he would have done a whole lot less complaining and a whole lot more accepting!

- Realize that God has a plan, purpose, and reason for everything, including suffering. And remember Romans 8:28, "all things work together..."

C.) Take the focus off of yourself sometimes...

- Job 42:7: "After Job had prayed for his friends..."

- We get so stuck on ourselves sometimes that we begin to have a huge pity party for ourselves, when we need to be taking the focus off ourselves & praying for someone else...

- Your DELIVERANCE is NOT always found within YOURSELF or praying for YOURSELF! Sometimes it is found in others and in praying for OTHERS!!

III. Preach The Text:

- Set up story & scenario of text.

- Encourage & exhort the people of God that no matter what they struggle through, just hold on & hold out & in the end, God WILL give you "DOUBLE for your TROUBLE!"

-Supporting texts:

Job 14:1

Psalms 46:1

John 16:33

- God will give you more than before!!

IV. Conclusion:

-Recap points.

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