Summary: God desires that we lovingly revere Him as we find His wisdom


Title: Dr. Solomon

Text: Proverbs 1:1-19

Truth: God desires that we lovingly revere Him as we find His wisdom.

Aim: To help them know how to find God’s wisdom for living.

Life ?: How do we find God’s wisdom?


There are many proverbs that sound like they come from the Bible but they do not. Someone has said if you don’t know who said a proverb just contribute it to Ben Franklin for he had many proverbs to live by. So, let me give a test this morning. Which of these proverbs come from the Bible and which come from Ben Franklin.

Plow deep while sluggards sleep. (Franklin)

The sluggard does not plow in autumn. (Bible)

Love not sleep, lest you come to poverty. (Bible)

He that riseth late must trot all day. (F)

God helps those who help themselves (F)

He who mocks the poor insults his Maker. (B)

Wisdom is big business today. Every newspaper and magazine will have an advice column. They offer practical advice on everything from how to apply eye shadow to investments. TV shows like Dr. Phil and Oprah are capitalizing on peoples desire to know how to deal successfully with life. That’s the goal of wisdom. Dr. Phil has five #1 New York Times bestsellers. His books have been published in 37 languages and have sold 22 million copies. His one-hour TV show had the highest ratings of any new syndicated talk show since the launch of The Oprah Winfrey Show 16 years prior.

People are hungry for wisdom. The good news is God desires for us to know true wisdom. He even collected a whole book of proverbs for us to have easy access to His wisdom. The first verses of chapter one make clear what is necessary for us to find true wisdom.

What is biblical wisdom? The simplest definition is “the ability or skill to properly use knowledge.” A wise person can make the best decision out of the present situation. It is used in Exodus 28:3 in regards to a weaver skillfully making the High Priest’s garment out of cloth. For example, a woodcarver whose knowledge of wood leads him to choose whether to use the wood to make a statue or a toothpick exhibits wisdom. A wise man knows whether he should speak up or be silent, love or discipline, or show mercy or justice in any given situation. With the knowledge he has he can make the best choice out of the circumstance. Biblical wisdom adds another dimension. Biblical wisdom makes the ethical choice that is most pleasing to God. It may not be politically worldly-wise, but it is in harmony with God’s character.

So let’s put that together for a biblical definition of wisdom. Biblical wisdom is the skill to use knowledge so you can follow God’s design and avoid moral pitfalls.

The main message of the Bible is how people who are alienated from God can be reconciled. The main message of the Bible is how to be saved. What does it matter if a man should gain the whole world but lose his soul? How to be saved is the main issue to answer for a human being. But the Bible also wants the saved to know how to live the best of all possible lives that please God. That takes wisdom. To live a life that is the best of all possible lives and please God, you must have wisdom. This month we want to spend some time in Proverbs.

Solomon is the author of Proverbs. King Hezekiah later had some men collect other proverbs of Solomon to be included in this book. The wise sayings of Agur (chapter 30) and King Lemuel (31) are added as well.

Here is an instructive outline for Proverbs. Purpose and theme (1:1-7). Pick Wisdom (1:8-9). This is a series of fatherly talks to his young son, which illustrate and press home the huge choice the boy must make between wisdom and folly. Practice Wisdom (10-31). Once that choice is clear, now we are ready for individual sayings and see the outworking of wisdom and folly on various topics. Proverbs Wife (31). This woman illustrates a life that has chosen to live by God’s wisdom.

Like any parent, Solomon wants the best for his child. He knows for that to happen his son will need to choose a life that is pleasing and blessed by God. So he is guiding his son in how to find wisdom.

How do we find God’s wisdom?


The prize offered is wisdom – v. 2a. The idea of discipline is to teach us that this is not easily attained. Those who see it as an extra-mural activity do not gain wisdom. It yields its treasures to those who are willing to change and live within the guidelines of a godly life. Someone has said that the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. A God-blessed life is not just handed over to us. Disciples get their name from living yielded lives in harmony with the truth.

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