Summary: Draw nigh also means “take up God with you.”Take up his case,take up his burden.draw nigh means take God in to confidence,take him as your only provider.It also means “bringing “God in to your case.


“Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.”(James.4:8).

Today people are so busy living out their lives, that they don’t find time to have intimacy with Gd. This is the world that is driving man to every corner, keeping him busy. Man works day and night. The devil also keeps man busy. The natural world is busy, because the things are lacking. The earth is cursed, and so it is deplete of many things. There are too many people fighting for a piece of bread. and so brains have to be worked, and overworked. It is the survival of the fittest. it is the survival of the learned. and the hard working. There is nothing wrong in studying, in working hard but yet all work does not give them satisfaction. Man is ready to work hard. Man is ready to put in a little more effort. but yet what is there to show? Nothing. why? because we are racing against time, we are racing against the devils ploy. we are racing to get that which is fast emptying out. and by doing that we don’t realize how our constitution has broken down. How many have sacrificed even the very good in life, just to seek after things that will give them to enjoy good. They have sacrificed wives/children/joy/time. to gain some money. The devil is surely a hard taskmaster. and that is why at such a time, when the world cannot give time for Gd. I want to introduce you to what God spoke thru James, and once you get to the root of it, all your striving/your struggling/will end. You will get your resources thru some other means. you will be tapping your resources from a higher level.


Drawing nigh to God, has many aspects of it, and one or two of it we will study in this lesson. One of the aspects of drawing nigh to God is often overlooked. That is what we will see today. In drawing nigh to God, it is not that you do it once in a while when you are in trouble, that you seek God for your needs. I am talking about getting close to God in relationship and fellowship. There has to be a level of intimacy with God. It is not that when you sit for prayer, you get to the closest, and that is it. With God you need to understand, that you grow in degrees, you get into depths in degrees, because you are dealing with the spirit world. Every day, as you talk to him/worship him/sense him/be intimate with him. you are growing in degrees in depths. There are different degrees of experiencing the spirit world. I am not saying God changes, but we are coming closer to him. Drawing nigh also means, that you could be even sitting on the chair, and just praying in tongues. and you would experience the spirit world. That is the whole thing. As you draw nigh to God. there is an area where you experience the spirit world. And the more you experience the spirit world, there is brought a great change, a great blessing to your reach. It is the whole sense of drawing nigh to Gd. It is all attached to God. like the word is attached to God, prayer is reaching to Gd. worshipping is approaching Gd. These are the facets thru which we approach Gd. through which we are drawing nigh to God. God doesn’t come around just like that, if we are lying on the couch and being anxious of things, and living in our own little world. He comes around when you are thinking of God, and his word, and his desires, and his kingdom. Wanting to please him in all aspects of life. That is the time God comes around. that is the time angels of God ascend and descend upon you. that is the time you meet angels along the way, who help you in all things. Like when Joshua was thinking how would he get entry into Jericho his first conquest. Seeing that the walls were huge and wide. He was just walking around the Jordan river, thinking, pondering, meditating. O God all these people are looking to me, while I look to you.Johs.5:13.there he lifted up his eyes and looked and behold a man stood before him with his drawn sword in his hand; and Joshua went to him and said to him, "Are you for us, or for our adversaries?" And he said, "No, but as commander of the army of the Lord I have now come." And as Joshua fell on his face to the earth, and worshipped him. There God had dispatched for his help. The spirit world is not a world that reveals itself to you automatically. There has to be some sort of effort that comes on our part and there are different degrees to it. You need to have a desire for God, and for his work, and do it sincerely/honestly/with integrity. The close encounter that one needs to have has to be initiated by himself. That is why Bible says draw nigh God and he will draw nigh to you. It doesn’t say. God draws nigh to you, and then you will draw nigh to him.No. there is a part that has to be initiated from our side. God is always wanting to draw nigh to us. but it all depends on our responses. You know how Jacob wrested with the angel. Why did he wrestle? Gen.32:24.He wanted to have a deeper encounter with Gd.bfor it says when the angel said “let me go.” he said "I will not let you go until you bless me." You know why he held on to that angel? He says I want a blessing. Now the angel could have finished him off with just his little finger and Jacob would have died. But the angel was not permitted to use his supernatural power at that time.why? Because God wants us to have a deep encounter with him, while on earth. He wants us to draw nigh to him. You could see he was so powerful because all he did was just touch Jacob's leg and that fellow became lame. This is definitely a very deep encounter. The angel blessed him. I wonder how many people experience the spirit world and before they left they said, "Bless me.” There are a lot of blessings that come forth, as we draw nigh to God. When you draw nigh to God, you take spiritual things quite easily. You start believing in miracles. You start hoping for miracles. You dwell in the spirit realm, and miracles/openings/flow forth from that realm. You start living a faith life. Like when people don’t draw nigh to God. they see all things from the natural perspective they have a reason for everything good or bad that happens .Mr.Logical. Mr.reason. Mr. Rules all rule supreme in his life. When you live in logic and reason you are much caught up in the natural world, and the natural world is deplete of blessings. it is limited to the sphere of the natural, and what flows forth to you is just in trickles, and you are bound by the law of nature. You cannot talk of visions and dreams, and pulling down strongholds. These all come from the spiritual realm, and you need to get connected and stay connected to the heavenly realm. Like for example when bible says in Acts.2.that the young man shall see visions and the old man shall dream dreams, and they shall prophecy. All these things will not be activities in your life. There are some spiritual senses that will be shut up for you, and you may suffer lack. Like for instance in the natural when you don’t spend much time with God. you will restructure your thinking once again in the natural lines. You will use more of your intellectual part, where the worldly and the lower animals operate. Like for example if you live in fear, and since you are not drawing nigh to Gd. you have no fellowship with him. Your mind and IQ becomes strong. Mr.Mind,and Mr.Logic and Mrs.Reason will play a major role in your life. and so your Mr. mind will give you ten reasons why you need to be fearful, and you will be stuck with the worldly kind of view. which is not wrong, in the natural, but not right to a spiritual man. but when you draw nigh to God and nigh to his word. Your faith comes by hearing the word of God. your faith life is stronger.Mr.Faith starts ruling your life. and when trouble comes your mind will work with Mr. Faith and tell you also 20 ways in which you can achieve things that you would not be able to reason. Like when you are facing a mountain of a problem. and Mr. Logic and Mr. Intelligence are not able to help you. if you had drawn nigh to God and to the church, and to his word. what will you do.You will that mountain. Remove hence to your place, and it shall remove. Tht is what Jesus said.” You don't have enough faith," Jesus told them. "I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it would move. Nothing would be impossible. "(Mt.17:20).Did you see that which is impossible in the natural is possible in the spiritual. but for the spiritual to activate we need to get into the spiritual. In the natural certain things, we study it as not possible. But as soon as you switch over in the spiritual you say. This is possible. but the natural man standing next to you say. it is absurd it is not possible. He is not wrong. in the natural it is not possible, that is what he is trying to tell you ,but if you say it is possible you are also not wrong, because you are seeing from the spiritual perspective. You know how when Jesus was going to Jerusalem, suddenly he was hungry and he cursed the fig tree, and next morning that was Tuesday during the passion week. Peter was shocked. Lord the tree that was cursed is dried up from the roots. He saw no life in it. He couldn’t believe from the natural stand point. Jesus wanted him to live in the spiritual. and so he said “ Have faith in God. For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.”(Mk.11:22, 23).Supposing there are two believers, one always draws nigh to God; the other believer rarely draws nigh to God. Now supposing both have the same IQ,and same brain power, same ability to reason. Yet in the results, in their behavior you will a vast difference. Now supposing both are going thru the same trouble. Both are working in the same company and the company is giving a lay back to its workers. what will happen. the one who rarely draws nigh to Gd,will be full of faith. but the other fellow who draws nigh to God often will be full of faith. Because he spends time in the word/in prayer/in church. The first one will give you 10 reasons why he cannot concentrate, and why he cannot sleep. But the other fellow also can use the same IQ and give you ten reasons why he can sleep well, and not worry, and be tensed up. Why is there such a difference? Why is one anxious, and now is full of sickness, and messes up. while the other doesn’t? don’t they have the same IQ/same brain power/same circumstance/?Yes, what is the difference? It is not in their ability, or talent, or circumstance. the difference is their faith, One has allowed fear to dominate his life, because he lives 70% more in the natural, and 30% in the spiritual. while the other believer, stays 70% in the spiritual and 30% in the natural. One renews his mind, and so is successful, while the other uses his mind, and is unsuccessful. Because the devil works more successfully, in a natural man than in a spiritual man. The devil can give you a soulical reason. Does that mean that there is everything wrong in our souls? No. There is nothing wrong in your soul. but we need to put it in the proper place. But as long as you read the word, and live by the word, you are putting the soul in the proper place. Renewel is not removing. Renewing is putting something in the right/proper place. it is educating the soul in the right way.

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