Summary: The unique parallel between Moses and Jesus as delvierers for their people and the unusual situations that brought things about.

Scripture: Exodus 2:1 – 10

Title: “Drawn Out”

Introduction: The parents of Moses were from the tribe of Levi, slaves and members of a hated race of people.

To them (Moses’ parents) was a son born who was to be the “deliverer” of a people, and from which was to come the Savior of the world.

Moses was born under the sentence of death! – (From birth he needed a “Deliverer.”)

- The Hebrews were slaves in Egypt and were multiplying in such numbers to the point the Pharaoh commanded that all boy babies be cast into the river and drowned. (1:22)


- At his birth Moses appeared to be a special child. “When she saw that he was a fine child, she hid him for three months.”

- “A Mother’s Love” – His mother loved him so much she took a great chance by hiding him for three months.

- “A Mother’s Faith” – She couldn’t stand the thought of allowing Moses to be thrown into the river and drowned so she came up with a “Plan.” (“I’m going to try to SAVE him.”)

- She made a little “Ark” (basket) fashioned from bulrushes and sealed it with tar and placed her son in the river, HOPING somehow, someway that her child would be spared.

- What kind of plan do you have for your children?

- The mother of Moses did everything she knew how to do to save her son & trusted God to do the rest. (And He did!)

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- God gave us a little baby around 2,000 years ago.

- This little baby also appeared to be very special.

- This little baby was also born with a death-sentence upon Him.

- This little baby had to hidden from His enemies by taking Him down into Egypt until things became safe for Him to come back. (Matthew 2:13)

- This little baby was born to deliver His people.

- Thirty years passed before He stepped out into recognition to be the “Deliverer” for the people.

The rescue of Moses involved a “Mother’s Love”, a baby’s cry, compassion of a princess, the shrewdness of a sister and the faith of Godly parents.

God uses some very unlikely situations to “Draw” people unto Himself.

- A mother that was a Hebrew slave.

- A little basket.

- The slave-owner’s princess to actually do the rescuing.

- God orchestrates every movement when we will do our part.

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Conclusion: You are not where you are at this very moment by accident.

- Every movement of your life has brought you to this time.

- God is drawing us to Him by His Word, His Church, Your Family, and most of all by His Holy Spirit.

- God’s designs go far beyond ours.

- The mother of Moses let FAITH take its course.

- It wasn’t luck that Pharaoh’s daughter was there by the river’s edge when the baby Moses came floating by.

- She took a chance and played right into the hands of God.

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