Summary: This is the fourth week of our "Dream Campaign" this week we're talking about dreaming you're dreams again. Maybe it's been lost over time, maybe you feel as though it's too late. Dream on is for you! Before speaking show video from Sermon on dr

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Dream On Text: Genesis 37:5-11NLT

One night Joseph had a dream, and when he told his brothers about it, they hated him more than ever. 6 “Listen to this dream,” he said. 7 “We were out in the field, tying up bundles of grain. Suddenly my bundle stood up, and your bundles all gathered around and bowed low before mine!” 8 His brothers responded, “So you think you will be our king, do you? Do you actually think you will reign over us?” And they hated him all the more because of his dreams and the way he talked about them. 9 Soon Joseph had another dream, and again he told his brothers about it. “Listen, I have had another dream,” he said. “The sun, moon, and eleven stars bowed low before me!”10 This time he told the dream to his father as well as to his brothers, but his father scolded him. “What kind of dream is that?” he asked. “Will your mother and I and your brothers actually come and bow to the ground before you?” 11 But while his brothers were jealous of Joseph, his father wondered what the dreams meant.

Do you have a dream? You say, “Yeah I have a dream, laying beside the beach all my life, or living up in the mountains swinging in a hammock fishing.”

No, “I’m talking about the dream that you receive as you arrive.”

What keeps people from embracing and pursuing their God-given dream? Here’s 5 deadly misconception:

I don’t have a dream. (Yes you do maybe from childhood.)

I have to invent my dream. (No, God gave you a dream before you were created.)

I have a dream, but it’s not that important. (God handcrafted your dream because you’re important to God.)

I have a dream, but it’s up to God to make it happen. (No, God created you to act on your dream first.)

I had a dream, but it’s too late. (No, because “Big” is still here, just ask Moses!) Whose Big? God!

Joseph was the youngest among his brothers, he was his dad’s favorite among the twelve and everyone knew it; however, Joseph being young and dumb spoke out of turn at times. (He had some growing up to do.)

Genesis 37:5-6NLT One night Joseph had a dream, and when he told his brothers about it, they hated him more than ever. 6 “Listen to this dream,” he said.

Why did God give Joseph a dream?

To prepare him. (Joseph)

His dream would anoint him for the future. “What you are willing to receive today can help you in the future.”

Philippians 4:13NLT For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.

Philippians 4:13TM I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am.

God gave Joseph this dream- for his identity.

His father had already given him an identity. Listen to Genesis 37:3NLT Jacob (Israel) loved Joseph more than any of his other children because Joseph had been born to him in his old age. So one day Jacob had a special gift made for Joseph—a beautiful robe.

This coat or robe was symbolic that Joseph was favored, and the next leader of Israel.

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