Summary: Naaman has great qualities but his qualities are not suffice as it relates to his real problem.

Dying On the Job With No Help!!

There are more than 1500 Pastors that willingly leave the ministry for good each month, not because they’ve exhausted their resources, not because they’ve got fired off the job, not because they can’t get the job done, simply because they can’t get help or leadership that surrounds them that are; reliable, faithful or servants. For this cause alone you find them dying on the job with no help.

Naaman has great qualities but his qualities are not suffice as it relates to his real problem, His real problem is he’s dying on the job with no help and he has no one to rely on to help him with his issue, as a matter of fact, his issue seems to be magnified because he’s a man that they call;

1. Great

2. Honorable

3. Mighty

He’s a Leper: leprosy began as small, red spots on the skin. Before too long the spots get bigger, and start to turn white, with sort of a shiny, or scaly appearance. Pretty soon the spots spread over the whole body and hair begins to fall out - first from the head, then even from the eyebrows. As things get worse, finger nails and toenails become loose; they start to rot and eventually fall off. Then the joints of fingers and toes begin to rot and fall off piece by piece. Gums begin to shrink and they can't hold the teeth anymore, so each of them is lost. Leprosy keeps eating away at your face until literally the nose, the palate, and even the eyes rot - and the victim wastes away until death.

1. So he can’t hide his issue he has to suffer in silence

2. Cure everyone else but no one is there to cure him

3. Assure that everyone else has a victory, but he has no victory

But all have ignored that he is literally dying on the job with no help, everyone is pulling out of him what can benefit them, while they don’t assist him in what can be beneficial to him. They are not sharing in his burden, but benefiting from his blessings.

He now has to Lead and Bleed at the same time

1. He’s In authority

2. Has The favor of The King

3. Has The Keys to Consecutive Victories

But yet he is dying!!

Why? One major reason, he has no help

1) Discouragement 2) Failure 3) Loneliness 4) Moral Failure 5) Financial Pressure 6) Anger

7) Burnout 8) Physical Health 9) Marriage/Family Problems 10) Too Busy

Whether you help me or Not I’m going to be Faithful In The Famine

11 killers:

1. Defensiveness 2. Jealousy 3. Revenge 4. Fearfulness 5. Favoritism 6. Ungratefulness 7. Small-mindedness 8. Pridefulness

9. Rigidity 10. Laziness 11. Unresponsiveness

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