Summary: What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Easter shows us the victor.

During the season of lent we’ve been talking about our Unstoppable God and we've been following Jesus on his road to the cross and marveling at all of the ways that he is unstoppable. When Jesus sets off on his path toward the cross no one could stop him, even when they told him he was crazy, even when they told him he would die he wouldn’t stop. When he comes across sickness, he shows his unstoppable power to heal. When he comes across sin, he shows his unstoppable forgiveness. In the darkness he shines unstoppable light. And last week we watched as Jesus rode into town on a donkey because he is just that unstoppable. He doesn’t need an army, he doesn’t need a sword, he doesn’t need a mighty steed. Himself, a donkey, and some palm branches will do just fine, the king has come and no one could stop it. Even at the end of our reading last week the Pharisees, Jesus’ biggest enemies, said it, ‘See, everything we have done has gotten us nowhere, the whole world has gone after him.” The guy is unstoppable.

So hopefully we’ve all come to the conclusion that Jesus is indeed unstoppable. Everybody say it for me “Jesus is unstoppable”…. Yes he is. But here’s the question that we’ve gotta deal with today. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Because that’s what sin is isn’t it? And I’m not being philosophical here, how many times have you made an effort to not sin? How many times have you tried to fight it, how many times have you gotten a crowbar and done everything you possibly could to remove sin from your life only to find that it will not budge? It’s immovable. Oh sure you can avoid it from time to time, you can step around it and put up caution tape and say to yourself “Do not go there.” But it’s still there isn’t it? It will not move, and every time you have a moment of weakness, every time you have just a moment of temptation you go back to it. Sin is like an immovable object in all of our lives.

In fact sin is so immovable that we’ve kinda gotten used to it being around, a lot of us treat it like a pet. Yah you and I have come to like it. And sin is not an immovable object just because we can’t move it, it’s an immovable object because we don’t want to. We like, we defend it, we’ll even call it not sin. We’ll hear God’s commands and we’ll take them and bend them around so our sin is still ok, so our sin can stay because we don’t want to move it. My personal favorite example of this is the one where the guys say, God you tell me to honor the Sabbath day, you command me to go to church but I’ll show you. I can worship anywhere, I can worship in the woods, I can worship on a fishing boat, I never do but I could. Actually I’ve heard that one so many times that I decided to give it a try. I was out in the woods, and I started to think about God but then I thought I saw a rabbit. And then I started to pray and thank God for this creation that I was walking around in and I heard thunder in the distance and thought, man God is powerful, and the next thing I know the only thing going through my head is Thunderstruck by AC/DC. You try and worship God in the woods when you hear thunder in the distance and there’s a voice in your head going (a-wah-a-whaaa-aa-waaa). Yes in theory, you can worship god in the woods you just don’t. Sorry fellas I’m calling you out. In fact I’m calling us all out today. Because every one of us has done this, every one of us has tried to defend our sin. Every one of us has tried to think of ways that our sin might possibly be kinda sorta ok, because we don’t want to move it. Because we want it to remain an immovable object. So we’ve given up on challenging or changing our sin, it’s not going to move, so we challenge God instead. We challenge him at every turn, we reject him with every breath, we’re always pushing away, always running the opposite direction, always struggling with everything we have in us to do the opposite of whatever he says. Jesus may be an unstoppable force but the truth is in us he’s going up against an immovable object.

And I tell you the truth brothers and sisters in Christ that’s exactly what happened on good Friday. On good Friday we found out what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. Because Jesus would not stop. He would not stop healing people, he would not stop forgiving sin, he would not stop bringing light into the darkness and mankind hated him for it. Jesus stop. We’ve tried this and it doesn’t work. Jesus, stop. This sin is part of me now and you’re not just threatening to destroy sin you’re threatening to destroy me. Jesus if you don’t stop you’re going to see what sin can really do. But he wouldn’t stop. So we said “Fine If he refuses to stop then we’ll throw our worst at him. If he refuses to stop we’ll unleash all that we are. If he can forgive sin then let’s unleash sin on him. If he can heal pain, we’ll show him what pain is. If he can make the lame walk we’ll drive nails through his feet and see how he does. If he can raise the dead let’s see him raise himself. If Jesus is an unstoppable force then let’s see what happens when he meets up with an immovable object.

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