Summary: This sermon deals with the need of Christians encouraging each other, instead of tearing each other apart.

"Edify One Another"

Text: Romans 14:1-15:6


There is nothing that quite divides and

destroys the church as gossip and slander.

We are commanded to love one another, and

to edify one another, not tear each other to


The word edify means "to improve, instruct,

build up, teach."

We all probably know of some church where

a split took place, and the believers were at

each other’s throats. That is not a good

witness for the church to give to the world.

We all have differences of opinion, and diff-

erent needs and wants, but we should be able

to work together as the family of God for the

good of Christ and His Gospel.

One of the main purposes of preaching

according to the Bible is to edify. People

need to be taught right from wrong, the will

of God, and other vital matters. Christians

also need to be encouraged and built up in

the faith so that they can help others who

are weaker and less mature in their Christian


Paul indicated in 1st Corinthians 8:1 that

"knowledge puffeth up, but love edifieth."

There’s always that elderly man or that woman

in the church who seems to think that they

"know it all," and that it’s there duty to

keep everbody else straight. There are some

"Bible scholars," who know a lot of facts

and information about the Word of God, and

yet, they reflect an arrogant and critical

spirit towards others. Love builds up.

Knowledge puffs up.

Paul told the church at Corinth-"For ye

are yet carnal: for whereas there is among

you envying, and strife; and divisions, are

ye not carnal, and walk as men? No matter

how "spiritual" a person may claim to be, if

he does not manifest a cooperative and loving

spirit, it’s not Christ-like.

I had a preacher in Jr. college who once

remarked-"This is a dog eat dog world, but

the problem is, a lot of times it is the

Christians who are doing the barking and the

bitting." Let’s notice:


How do we go about building up others and encour-

aging them?

A. One way is to get rid of any judgmental spirit

that we might have.

B. By cooperating instead of competing against

one another.

C. By being a stepping stone instead of a

stumblingblock to others.

D. By showing consideration for the weaknesses

of others.

Next, let’s notice-


What are the good things that will come from edify-

ing one another?

A. Paul mentions one in 1st Cor. 15:6-"that with

one mind and one mouth (they would all) glorify

God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ."

Shouldn’t that be our common goal, anyway?

We all ought to work together to glorify His


B. Another benefit that comes from edifing one

another is growth.

Acts 9:31-"Then had the churches rest...and

were edified...and were multiplied."

People will want to attend a church that is

full of love and a cooperative spirit.

C. Another benefit is that we will all accept

our own personal spiritual gift(s) and not

look down on other believers who do not have

the same gift(s) that we have. 1st Cor. 14.

In Romans 14:19 Paul encourages us to "...

follow after those things which make for

peace, and things wherewith one may edify


"So then every one of us shall give account

of himself to God."(Rom. 14:12) We have

enough to do to keep our own lives straight

than to be interfering in the lives of

other believers.

Do all to the glory of God. Amen.

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