Summary: A message on the name El Elyon - God Most High

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Hello I Love Let Me Tell You My Name

El Elyon – God Most High – Gen. 14

Intro: We‘ve been studying God’s name to understand who He is and how he relates to us.

Trans: This morning I want to turn our attention to the name El Elyon – God Most High. El Elyon is used over 238 times in the O.T. and testifies to supremacy of God.

Note: Another way it’s translated is, “God is the Highest.” He’s above all other gods. He has absolute power and authority over every created thing. Everything is under His care and rule. Nothing is above Him, nor will anyone or anything rule over Him.

Insert: In almost every instance El Elyon is used in Scripture, it’s used in the context of the Gentiles. W/ Abe, Moses, David, Elijah, and Daniel, the Most High God is introduced as the God that is supreme over all other pretenders and contenders.

Note: Now this isn’t to say that we live in a polytheistic culture and that there’s a slate of lesser gods to choose from (as some would have you believe) – there is only one God, yet if the truth is stated, there are a plethora of people willing to believe in just about anything and everything to not have to confront and submit their lives to the one true God. Hey, I just returned from the granola state – California, and let me assure you – there are plenty of fruits, flakes and nuts attempting to dodge El Elyon.

Story: As Jeff and I walked through the shopping district in Santa Monica, a girl stopped us to try to sell us salt from the Dead Sea. As she made her pitch, Jeff asked her questions about her faith. She claimed to be Jewish, but in reality she had a new age philosophy w/ a touch of Judaism – and talk about hostile to the name of Jesus.

Story: Then there’s Ana Marie. I had prayed that God would give me a divine appointment on the plane, and He did. As a personal assistant to a movie star, Ana Marie has seen it all. When she got on the plane I could tell that God had her right where He wanted her. We struck up a conversation about spiritual things and she mentioned she was searching. She showed me a few new age books she was reading and told me about a spiritual advisor she was seeing. I proceeded to introduce her to the Creator and shared w/ her how he had a plan for her life and that in that very instant God was reaching out to her. Thankfully, God used those 4 brief hours to allow me to show her how special she was to God and to challenge her to discover El Elyon.

Trans: Why do I share these stories, b/c we walk by people every day who are looking for answers in all the wrong places and God wants them to know He is above all other names – that He is the Most High God.

Text: Genesis 13:5-17 and 14:13-24

Setting: Abe and Lot arrived to the land God promised, but they had too much stuff to remain together. Under God’s guidance, Abe told Lot to choose a plot of land and that he’d go the opposite way. Lot consulted his flesh and chose the most fertile land closest to the action while Abe consulted God and went obey His instruction.

Insert: Don’t miss the point. Lot chose impetuously what appeared to be the best w/out any regard for God. He chose by sight and not by faith. If we’re not careful, we may find ourselves in Lot’s shoes making decisions based on sight rather than on faith.

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