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Summary: An acronym of the elements of pride.

Pride goes before destruction. Proverb 16:18

*I want to talk about some elements or characteristics of PRIDE. A person does not have to exhibit all of these characteristics to have an issue with pride. Someone dealing with pride will see any one or a combination of these characteristics in his/her life.


– Perfectionist means refusal to accept any standard short of perfection.

– Nobody can do it as well as me, so I need to make sure I am the one that does it.

– If something doesn’t go quite right, a perfectionist will take it as a poor reflection of himself or herself.

– There are so many people who spend their lives striving to be perfect that they don’t have a real understanding of the power of God’s grace.


– Rebellious means to show a desire to resist authority, control or convention.

– I will do it my way and that is the only way.

– “Most of the people who are in authority over me are in the place I deserve to be in. So, I may as well take the authority and prove myself.”


– Insecure means a person who is not confident or assured; uncertain and anxious.

– I am not really comfortable with who I am, but if I fake it well enough, nobody will ever know.

– The only proven and sure remedy for insecurity is to learn to see yourself as God sees and made you to be.


– Dissatisfied means not content or happy with something.

– I am never really happy about anything.

– There will always be an attitude of discontent for the one who is dealing with pride. No matter how good it may be, they feel they deserve it to be better.

– Pride and dissatisfaction can lead to excessive debt and poor financial responsibility as well.


– Egotistical means the practice of talking and thinking about oneself excessively because of an undue sense of self-importance.

– It has always got to be about me. If I am not the center of attention, I will do what is necessary to change that.

*Pride was ultimately what brought the downfall of Lucifer. Pride is debilitating and destructive.

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