Summary: Current events

My fellow citizens of the United States of America and those who have chosen to call themselves Americans,

Anyone that read the bible knows that we cannot trust in God and chase after money. We will eventually be punished. Because of the untrue words written on the back of our dollar bill, God has allowed the prophetic seals to be opened and the foretold plagues are being released. The mass catastrophe that looms over the worried shoulders of our societies, has quickly envelops every person on the face of this biosphere. Sadly, as the fractures of the global economic famine continue to widen, we ponder simple questions like who got us in this mess. The answer rightly is we, as a people, are to blame.

In spite of everything we have recently gone through, this society continues to make the most unwise decisions we have ever made. After last week’s display of the spread of the economic crisis to the global stage, we continue to invest and maintain hope that the stock market will correct itself. Nevertheless, the unimaginable crisis will continue. As the economic climate continues to worsen, eventually, we will see every economy in the world struggle to survive. This economic famine will be so dire that every nation on the face of the earth will suffer from the effects. The masses will suffer because they will not be able to afford to live. Because of this famine, the stock markets have started to come to a stand still and nations will go broke. This is will happen soon.

This crisis, that we are currently facing, is more than the media, politicians, preachers and others confess it to be. Long before any of us was born, this was forecast to happen. No matter how much we want to deny it, the world is engrossed with sin. We have become reprobate in our thinking and our actions. Because of our Capitalist greed, we have developed into an ungodly and unholy nation. America is a greedy Capitalist self-righteous society. America is a country that while proclaiming its trust in and belief of God dined and feasted on the blood of other to make a living. Our need and love for money has evolved this nation into a fragment of the righteous and strong nation America use to be.

Nevertheless, reality loudly states that we, as a people, must now stand together as one or we will cease to exist as many. God is the only one that can stop this global economic famine. Instead of standing placing blame on one another, in this our unimaginable times of trouble and tribulations, let us have the resolve to seek out forgiveness for our own sins before we cast the blame on another. As the perils of our past sinful actions fall upon us, let us stop and look unto the hills from which comes our help. Our help will only come from God. The scriptures proclaim that God will come to our rescue. It states that God is a constant help in the times of trouble.

We, as a people, must humbly pray and seek the face of God for forgiveness for the abundant national sins America has committed. Then, let us resolve to be better stewards of the things that God has placed us here to accomplish. Let us resolve to be our brothers and sisters keepers, because in the very near future, we will have to depend on each other to survive. Let us resolve to give those that need our help a hand up instead of just a hand out.

With this in mind, let us start to work together for the common good of everyone in this society. Let us partition God to forgive of our sins. Let us trust in God’s ability and power to allow us to pass through this crisis still intact. Then one day by our united actions, faith and trust in God, we, the people of these United States of America, will again stand glorified in the world. We will be able to achieve more than we will lose if we just trust in God.

Finally let us always give thanks and praise to God for our brothers and sisters, because united with them, we will be able to survive this economic famine. Furthermore, as we struggle to survive together, our Godly love for each other will increase. Because of our unity and Godly love for one another, America will be able to persevere in spite of the tribulations, and trials we are enduring and will have to endure.

As always, may God bless each of us,

Pastor Reginald Levi Walker

A healing touch

Lord, America is in need of a healing touch from you.

Please touch us and strengthen America to endure.

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