Summary: Elijah was a prophet of God called out of obscurity to confront a wicked King and Queen of Israel. He became one of Israel’s most famous prophets and helped bring a breakthrough for the nation of Israel.

Video Transition: The Squirrel Story and the healing of our land.

Just because we see the problems does not mean we are the ones who have to fix or can fix the problems. Why because God is the one who ultimately is the problem solver – whether it’s the provision of food and water in a national famine or healing from a deadly sickness.

Series: Breakthrough 2020 - Elijah’s Story

Summary from Last week’s message – Elijah’s Story pt1

What do we need to know from last week’s message?

Answer 1: Swindoll states, “The quest continues. Our Lord is still searching for people who will make a difference. Christians dare not be mediocre. We dare not dissolve into the background or blend into the neutral scenery of this world.”

It’s time to stand up for truth in our nation and day!

In spite of the worlds pushing us to blend in and not make waves and to accept everything as normal. God is saying don’t listen to those lies stand out – stand up – stand in gap. Your time is now to be a part of what God is doing and will do! This is what we have been created today to do – yes - in this age of tolerance and compromise? Everything is not okay but with God it will be okay if we stand in the gap. So, what do you say?

Answer 2: Just because the brook dried up does not mean God has forsaken or left you!

Swindoll highlights: “But God says, in the midst of your dried-up brook, “You are written on the palms of My hands. You are continually before Me.” Then He uses that wonderful image of a young mother with her new baby . . . and He surprises us with a realistic reminder: “Can a woman forget her nursing child?” You wouldn’t think so, would you? But look at the stories in the news, and you know how many women do exactly that. Babies left in garbage dumpsters. Tiny babies abandoned—sometimes even abused or tortured or murdered. Yes, as unimaginable as it seems, even a mother can forget her nursing child. But here’s the clincher: Not God. Not God! He will never forget us. We are permanently inscribed on the palms of His hands. Stop and glance at the palms of your hand. Now, imagine they are God’s hands and that you are right there.” Swindoll, Charles R.. Elijah (Great Lives Series) (p. 32). Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition.

Why do we need to know this?

Answer 1: God needs you! Not someone else – you!

Swindoll, “God’s methods are often surprising. God did not raise up an army to destroy Ahab and Jezebel. Neither did He send some scintillating prince to argue His case or try to impress their royal majesties. Instead God did the unimaginable—He chose somebody like (you and I) . . . well, like Elijah. Are you thinking right now that somebody else is better qualified for that short-term mission assignment? For that leadership training group? For that community service? Are you a wife and homemaker who feels that your contribution to God’s service is not noteworthy? Do you see other people as special or called or talented? You may be missing a ministry opportunity that is right there in front of you. You may be in the very midst of a ministry and not even realize it.”

Answer 2: God has not left you because the brook has dried up!

Swindoll reminds us: “And when we end up beside a dry streambed, He never has to admit, “Oops, now how did he wind up there?” No. God says, “That’s right. That’s exactly where I want you. Yes. Perfect.” “But it hurts, Lord. I remember when times were so much easier . . . when I drank from this brook. I feel so displaced.” “I know it, but it’s where I want you. I see you there. I haven’t forgotten you. Trust me through this.” Swindoll, Charles R.. Elijah (Great Lives Series) (p. 32-33). Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition.

What should we do with the truth of this message?

Answer 1: We need to be the ones who stand in the gap for truth - we need to call sin - sin. We need to decide to make a difference even If we think we are nobodies – from nowhere – how could I make a difference – God’s word to you – “You can make a difference.” You can save babies lives, you can turn a culture back to my ways and truths. You can keep the world from destroying more children and teenagers by calling the lies out and speaking the truth.

Swindoll states,” We stand before God. When we’re standing alone in the gap, ultimately, we’re standing before God. When the call comes, will God find us ready and willing to stand for Him? Will He find in us hearts that are completely His? Will He be able to say, “Ah, yes, that one’s heart is completely Mine.”

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