Summary: A drama for children: Employment Conditions

Employment Conditions

(Based on Matthew 10)

Materials: a hard hat, a high visibility vest, a clip board with the following employment conditions.

Setting: Building site, a new city hospital

You are a Recruitment officer from the building site. You are speaking to the congregation to enlist extra workers for the building site. Come in dressed with the safety hat and vest.

1. Outdoor work: Enjoy summer hot and dry; winter, cold, wet, and windy.

2. Working Hours: There’s a 12hr working day or if you can work longer that would be good. No work on Sunday, rest day.

3. Meals: Best to eat while you are still working. Unfortunately, there’s no meal subsides or lunch van on site. Bring your own meals and snacks.

4. Accommodation:

We prefer all workers to camp on site because of the long day.

Or, you may be able to find a kind person nearby to give you temporary accommodation. And they could also provide you with meals.

5. Transport: No public transport available as yet, walking to site is the only option

6. Hazards:

Please avoid: Dogs, snakes, spiders, and other wild and venomous creatures that may cause you harm.

7. Other Hazards:

There may be the occasional protester throwing stones or other missiles.

Ignore religious, racist and other Insults; be on guard against bullying and other rough stuff.

8. Payment: No hourly rate, in fact no pay at all.

9. Union: No Union on site, therefore there’s no union fee or any chance of a strike for better conditions.

Site Office:

All interested people, please come to the site office 4.00am Monday morning. I’ll be there in the upper room to sign you on. Thank you for your attention.


Take off your safety hat and vest before saying the following.

Do you like these employment conditions?

They are similar to the employment conditions Jesus offered to his 12 disciples as recorded in Matthew 10. No wonder Jesus complained that there are too few workers.

Love is the only way.

Jesus worked under those conditions, and even died on the job to get his project finished.

He worked because he loved us and wanted us to have life and eternal life with him.

Generally, volunteers everywhere work to bring love and life into someone’s life. They are in essence the workers of Christ and the disciples of Jesus, because they bring life and make someone’s life better. Amen.

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