Summary: God's concern and care for His people



John and the seven (7) churches were being persecuted for their faith and testimony in Jesus. Thus, John wrote these words to give encouragement and comfort to the Christian.

There are four things that encouraged the suffering saints in this passage:


A. The Substance of his prayer

1. Grace

2. Peace

B. The Source of his prayer "From"

1. The Father

2. The Spirit

3. The Son

a. Who is a faithful witness to reveal:

(1) the name Father

(2) the nature of sin

(3) the need for righteousness

(4) the nearness of judgment

b. Who is the first begotten of the dead

c. prince of kings (ruler)

II. SAINTS' REDEMPTION 1:5-6, 5:9-10, Eph. 2:13-19

A. Loved (v-5) while He was on the cross.

B. We are redeemed and nothing can change that.

III. JESUS' RETURN 1:7 "Behold" not as before

IV. JESUS' REIGN 1:8 "the Almighty"

Descriptive terms that describe Jesus as none other than God Himself.

He is on the throne no matter what happens in your life.

CONCLUSION: Every Saint through the ages should contemplate these things:

(1) John's request - God's grace and peace we can ask for and receive.

(2) Our redemption - we are saved and nothing this world or all the forces of Hell can do can change that.

(3) Jesus' Return - He's coming back at any moment.

(4) Jesus' Reign - no one can remove Him from His throne. He hasn't

changed or moved, He's still on the throne.

Is He on the throne of your life?

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