Summary: A message on Prayer


Matthew 7:7-12


A. If in prayer we come to a throne, it is clear that our Spirit should be one of lowly reverence. The king before whom we come is the highest of all. His throne is the great white throne.

B. If the mercy seat is a throne, it should be approached with devout joyfulness. Should we not be filled with joy that God has granted us access to His presence?

C. If it is a throne whenever it is approached, it should be with complete submission. We do not pray to God in order to instruct Him as to what He ought to do.

D. If it be a throne, it ought to be approached with enlarged expectations. A king grants petitions is a royal fashion. Let us then ask for great things; for we are before a great throne.

E. The right Spirit in which to approach the throne of grace is that of unwavering confidence. Who shall doubt the King? Who dares call into question His word?

F. If we offer prayer before the throne of God, it ought always to be conducted with the deepest sincerity. Let us beware of playing at praying.


A. Then the faults of my prayer will be overlooked. Here is hope for our lame, weak prayers. God looks upon the prayer as presented through Christ, and forgives all its own inherent faultiness.

B. Then the faults of the petitioner himself shall not prevent the success of his prayer. How unfit we are to come before a throne —we that are defined with sin within and without.

C. If it be a throne of grace, then the desires of the pleader will be interpreted. If I cannot find words in which to utter my desires, God in His grace will read my desires without words.

D. Then all the wants of those who come to it will be supplied. It is a throne that streams forth like a fountain with good things.

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