Summary: Living a prayer life is as important as the effective prayer time we have with God. Prayer is more than a ritual, it is building a relationship with the most important being in the universe. That’s why this topic is important than all other prayer teachings.

Our prayer life is examined by our fruitfulness in life. A sponge soaked in oil when it is squeezed spills out oil, and a sponge soaked in water, when squeezed, give out water. What goes inside comes out. If through prayer you have allowed God to work out in your life, godliness and spiritual gifts overflow.

2. It is not how long you pray? how many times do you fast? But how consistent your relationship with God? matters most.

3. Scripture reading/meditation and prayer are tandem, as you talk to God you should also listen to him.

4. Prayer life is beyond walls, the effectiveness of your prayer is seen in the life you live before others.

5.Enoch had a wonderful relationship with God while being a family man, he lived so well, righteous before men and God, that he was taken up by God to be with him forever.

6. David too had a wonderful relationship with God,

His prowess revealed when he encountered Goliath.

His humbleness revealed when anointed king Saul attacked him.

His obedience revealed when God told Solomon to build the temple...

Our stand on faith, our beauty of family life, and humbleness during God's correction reveals our status of prayer life.

May God give you wisdom and make your prayer effective to set an example for others to follow.

God bless you.

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