Summary: Which character best describes you? Do you walk with the Lord like Enoch did?

Enoch – 20th April 2008 am

Hebrews 11:5-6

The Bible tells us nothing about the early years of Enoch. All we know is that at the age of 65, Enoch became the father of a child which he named Methuselah. After that child was born, we are told that Enoch walked with God for the next 300 years of his life. What was it about the birth of this child that caused Enoch to come to faith in God?

It may have something to do with the name of the child. The name “Methuselah” means “When he is gone, it will come.” If you do the math, you will find that Methuselah died the very year the flood of Genesis chapters 6-8 came. Enoch was made to understand that the death of his son would signal the destruction of the world.

At the death of Enoch’s son the world was destroyed – at the death of God’s Son the world was saved. God used the birth of that child to open the heart of Enoch and God used it to save that man’s soul! It would appear that Enoch came to God under the threat of judgment!

This is a blessing when you stop to consider that Methuselah may have been a symbol of approaching judgment; but he was also a symbol of the longsuffering, love and grace of God. How? He lived longer than any other human in history, Gen. 5:27!

God uses many events in life to touch people’s hearts to bring them to Jesus.

• People are touched when they think of Hell, Psalm. 9:17 The wicked shall be turned into hell, [and] all the nations that forget God..

• Others react when they think of the love of God manifested at Calvary, Rom. 5:8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us..

• Then there are those who feel guilty because of their sins and are drawn to Jesus, John 16:7-11.

The means God uses to convict a person and draw them to Jesus does not matter. The fact that He draws them to Him is what is important, John 6:44 No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

For Enoch, it was the birth of a son. For me, it was the thought of dying lost and of going to Hell. It may be different for you. The main thing is seeing your need for God and then coming to Him for salvation!

So what can we learn from the life of this man, and what can we apply to our own lives? What type of person was Enoch? What inspired him? What motivated him?

I. Enoch Walked With God – Genesis 5:22

We are told twice in these verses that “Enoch walked with God.” That is not Enoch’s testimony of his life; that is the testimony of the Holy Spirit concerning Enoch’s life. God looked at Enoch’s life and saw a man whose life pleased the Lord, Heb. 11:6.

The word “walk” is the biblical expression for “fellowship and obedience that results in divine favor.” It refers to a manner of life that results in a person living in nearness to the Lord. This is the kind of walk Enoch had with God. It is the kind of walk Amos refers to in Amos 3:3 Can two walk together, except they be agreed. It is a walk of dedication and devotion. It is a walk in which Enoch lives up to His name. The name Enoch means “Dedicated.”

The kind of walk that Enoch exhibited is the same kind of walk that needs to be seen in your life and mine.

It would seem that Enoch lived a life that demonstrated the faith that was in his heart. He didn’t talk one way and live another, but he consistently, constantly and completely walked with God. He walked with God for 300 years! Think about that! Look at chapter 5 and find anything that any of these other men did that was outstanding and remarkable. Enoch walked with God consistently for 300 years! That is quite an achievement!

That is the kind of walk we all need today! We should live a visible Christian live. We should walk consistently with the Lord. We should avoid a life that is hot and cold, in and out, up and down and we should just walk with the Lord in humility and obedience. That is the kind of life that pleases Him! 1 John 2:6 He that saith he abideth inn him ought himself so to walk, even as he walked.

Do you think Enoch literally walked with someone he could see? What we call a pre-incarnate appearance of Christ? Did He walk with Enoch the way He walked with Adam in the garden? Did He appear to Enoch the way He appeared to Abraham and Moses and Joshua and others?

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