Summary: Message of Enoch for his Day and Ours

Enoch: The Preacher with One Message

Jude 14-15


A. Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Enoch

1. He walked with God (Gen. 5:24)

2. He didn’t die (Gen. 5:24; Heb. 11:5)

3. He was a prophet and preacher (Jude 14-15)

4. He will be martyred during the Tribulation (Rev. 11)

B. What Was Enoch’s Message?

1. It was a message about the Second Coming of Christ

2. It was a message about the seriousness of sin

3. It was a message about God judging sinful speech

4. It was a message by a man who practiced what he preached

C. Enoch Preached a Timely Message


A. It Was a Good Message for Enoch’s Time

1. Enoch lived during the ungodly time before the Flood

a. Violence was increasing; storm clouds of judgment were gathering

b. Ungodliness was common, and his message addressed the problem

2. Enoch kept walking with God and was blessed

a. His son Methuselah lived 969 years

b. His great-grandson Noah found grace and saved the race

3. Enoch’s message was not popular among his contemporaries

B. It Will Be a Good Message for the Tribulation Time (Rev. 11)

1. After the Rapture of the church, the Tribulation begins

a. This will be earth’s most terrible time (Matt. 24:21)

b. It will be a time of wickedness, violence, and sacrilege

2. Two prophets arrive on the scene, preaching and pronouncing judgment

a. Elijah and Enoch will come back to preach and die

b. The two who escaped death will then experience it (Heb. 9:27)

c. Only the raptured church truly escapes death (1 Cor. 15:51-52)

3. See how fitting Enoch’s message will be for the Tribulation (Jude 14-15)

a. It announces the second coming of Christ with His church

b. It warns that Christ’s coming will bring judgment on sinners

c. It carries a theme of the ruling Christ as He establishes His kingdom

C. It Is a Good Message for Our Time

1. We need to stress the neglected message of Christ’s return

a. This message adds urgency to the preaching of the gospel

b. This message purifies the lives of believers (1 John 3:2)

2. Like Enoch, we need to stress the seriousness of sin

3. In an age of compromise, we need to awaken people to God’s holiness


A. Enoch’s Powerful Message Grew Out of Walking with God

1. What secrets Enoch learned during his walk with God!

2. His communion with his Lord made him a man ahead of his time

B. We Must Walk with God in Order to Reach the People of Our Time

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