Summary: How to see God’s angels in both the spiritual as well as the day to day sense.

Nov 26 morning Service Hebrews 13:1-6 Entetaining Angels, or Charlies?

What exactly is an angel? We hear of angelic beings and their

intercession in times of great despair and tragedy. We read of

the messages they have brought to both Old and New Testament

Saints. We live in a day that at times may get mixed up

between touched by an angel, Charlies Angels, and what it

truly means to encounter a supernatural messenger of God.

In Hebrews 13:1-6 the writer is addressing the social and

spiritual duties of believers.

I. Let Brotherly Love Continue.

a. the emperical edict from creation throughout the annuals of

times is dealing with love. We are to develop and cultivate

love towards those we despise, and resent. Loving the

unlovable, isn’t that what Jesus is about doing? Let= allow,

allowing ourselves to be both vulnarable and nieve enough to

give of our time.

The most adequate way to share your life and express love with

someone, is through the giving of time. It may be the most

precious commodity in which we trade.

Time has in its self the prepetual gift of giving. An example

is found in the teacher who spends extra hours after class

toiling and working, seeing that the pupils get the extra help

they need, making certain that they are learning rather than

mearly getting by. In return, although the teacher may never

see the fruits of labor, the student moves forward and

contributes in some form to the society in which we all must


So it is and has become as we attribute our Christian walk as

believers, we learn from each other of the love manifest in

the great sacrafice of Christ upn Calvary’s cross. We spread

the gospel message at times perhaps, never seeing the fruits

of our labor but we walk with the confidence of knowing that

God is in charge.

What is this notion of brotherly love?

The word used in the greek text regarding brothrely is

phila-as in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. Phila

means deep seated affection and care. A deep and warm feeling

from the heart, an emotional feeling of love towards another.

The greek worm for brother is adelphos, meaning from the same

wound ( also see Philadelphia). The concept is thus that if

two people have come from the same wound, figuratively

speaking, are in essence from the same source.

As Christians we are all originating from the same source via,

the new birth. We have each one come from that well spring we

call Christ Jesus.

Like the hymn says, " there is a fountain filled with blood

drawn from Emanuel’s veins

and sinners plunged beneath that flood loose all their guilty

stains." A-men?

When we are each born into the family of God, then we realize

that, skin color no longer has a bearing;that man or woman is

part of our family. We see that socio-economic issues do not

seperate us from those in need. Let me interject however, it

does not mean we are going to give those who have less than

ourselves the farm,leaving our family hurting and potentially

starving. That is not what it means we can love someone as our

family and not endow them with all that we own.

Jesus Says we should love each other:

John 13:34-35

John 15:12

John 15:17

Romans 5:5

Galatians 5:22

1John 3:14

Botherly love is the greatest need of our hour and yet its in

short supply. We live in a world that screams me first! A

exhausted church looks to itself and surveys the wreck, as

carniage lines the way. We wonder how things could have become

like this? Where did we go wrong? We had the best programs and

the newest technology, we had good ideas what happened? And

the answer is too many folks are trying to put me first, and

look at me, instead of exhaulting Christ who has said, He will

draw all men to Himself.

2. Entertaining angels or Charlies.

It seems to me that ecah of us can either be an angel of light

or an angel of darkness in the life of some one in need.

1. the angel is there ministering to us and at times we in

turn minister to each other.

2. We should be thankful at Thanksgiving not for just what we

have, but what we have not been burdened with.

- I am thankful that we only elect a President onec every four


- I am thankful that I am not a turkey this week?

-I am thankful that hugs and kisses are not fattening,or

causes of cancer.

-I am thankful that love last long after the giddy feelings of


-I am thankful that tee-shirts, and bumper stickers cannot say

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