Summary: As we celebrate fathers today, this declaration from Joshua exemplifies what it means to be an “Epic Dad"—a father who imparts a lasting spiritual legacy.

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I. Servants of the Lord

“As for me and my house, we will serve (Abad in Hebrew) the Lord” (Joshua 24:15).

As we celebrate fathers today, this declaration from Joshua exemplifies what it means to be an “Epic Dad"—a father who imparts a lasting spiritual legacy. As we explore various facets of the phrase “serve the Lord,” we’ll define practical experiences that will enrich dads and bless families.

Personal allegiance needs to be declared and lived!

Joshua boldly declares his personal commitment: “As for me…”

Epic Dads resist justifying, rationalizing and blaming—embracing instead the truth that “…each of us mustgive an account of ourselves to the Lord” (Rom. 14:12).

Epic Dads walk in the freedom for which they have been freed. “It was for freedom that Christ set you free”(Gal 5:1). He gives freedom from the ways and words, priorities and passions of THIS world.

“Let them curse, but you bless; when they arise, they shall be ashamed but your servant shall be glad” (Ps. 109:28). In contrast with others, Epic Dads have freedom to pursue intimacy with the Lord and His kingdom calling.

Joshua’s personal testimony of “serving the Lord” is the foundation for “my house” serving the Lord!

Joshua gives leadership to his home through the inclusiveness of his declaration: “As for…my house, we will serve the Lord.” Epic Dads join Christ as the cornerstone to build a strong foundation for family life (Eph.5:20) through living and loving as Jesus did.

II. Serving the Lord through a Lifestyle of Yieldedness

Fathers, the Hebrew word translated “serve” speaks to your allegiance and prompts the question, “To whom or what are you yielding yourself?”

In a day when “serving” or giving allegiance to many false gods was commonplace, Joshua’s declaration was pro-active and public:

Being “passive” in a world of compromise was NOT an option.

Being “quiet” about his stance was NOT an option.

It’s this proactivity and public testimony that give credibility to leading one’s family into “serving the Lord.”

Pause and Reflect: What proactive and public “initiative taking” in your life would give witness to your “serving the Lord” (i.e., a demonstrated prayer life, diligence in the Word, being the first to apologize, etc.)?

Engage Fellowship:

“Encourage one another unto love and good deeds: (Heb. 10:25)

Quietly ask the Lord to remind and encourage you: “Lord God, remind me of ways I live my life so my family takes note that I’m seeking to serve you.” Celebrate these remembrances with gratitude toward the Lord. Share with the Lord your glad heart and then ask Him by His Spirit to show you deepened dimensions of serving Him.

Now, let’s stand, and in groups of two or three, or as families, ask the Lord to encourage us: “Lord God, encourage me in new ways that I might take initiative to better serve you before my family.” Listen quietly and yield to obey—even before His direction is clear (John 7:17).

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