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Summary: Dealing With Blood Pacts and Satanic Vows and Rituals

In continuation of our prayer program to deal with the snare caused by pledges vows and oaths we want to conclude by dealing with Evil Blood agreements and satanic vow and rituals.

Lets start by praying some prayers first.

• I renounce and reject all pacts and vows I have ever made with my blood, the blood of animals or the blood of others in Jesus name.

• Powers enforcing vows and agreements and pledges I have made with the devil or the occult die in the name of Jesus.

• Satanic rituals, vows and pledges made by my parents and ancestors to conceive me, I renounce and reject you in Jesus’ name.

• Satanic and evil Pledges made by my employers on behalf of their employees which is hindering my destiny I separate myself from you in Jesus name.

• Satanic and evil pledges made by my landlord and former owners of my home affecting me negatively, loose me now in Jesus’ name.

Okay, let us talk a bit about these kind of vows pledges and rituals.

There is a very sinister kind of vow people make and that is making a pact with the Devil.

The Devil makes offers to people and even made a Satanic offer to Jesus:

Matthew 4:8-10 Again, the Devil took Him up into a very high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. (9) And he said to Him, All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worship me. (10) Then Jesus said to him, Go, Satan! For it is written, "You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve."

The Devil can make people very prosperous, famous, wealthy and powerful - but always at the cost of their souls which is why Jesus said:

There are certain well established cults and societies, that serve almost as the gathering centre for powerful politicians and wealthy businessmen, famous music stars.

These are the enemy’s way of taking control of the government and finances of the area or even country in which we live in.

Most people who are the movers and shakers of societies get their power by making certain oaths pledges and vows in specialized ceremonies. You see them dress in black tie customes and tuxedos, crisp collar white shirts and they enter into great halls where they do the initian and induction of these new folks. From there these people pledge to help each oterh advance and of course they have the backing of their master.

Matthew 16:26 says, “For what is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”

People with strong desires may make a bargain with the Devil in order to get what they want. They may well get what they want but the long-term price will be awful. Sometimes the deal will be written in a drop of blood on a piece of paper.

The other side is that when such a person finally sees the Light and becomes a Christian they may have forgotten the vows and deals they made but strange things will happen in their life as the Devil exacts revenge for the broken promise. The person may even need deliverance and much prayer.

The key to deliverance is a seven step process:

1. Renounce the Devil and all his works.

2. Claim the Blood of Jesus Christ and God's cleansing.

3. Tell the Devil he no longer has any power or right over you because you are no longer in his kingdom of darkness and rebuke him.

4. Assert that you now belong to God alone.

5. Claim the protecting power of God. Put on the armor of God.

6. Be filled with the Spirit and spend much time in prayer.

7. Destroy all artifacts associated with the pact or with the devil.

How can oaths and vows and pledges be "from the evil one"? In two ways:

a) False oaths can be a cover for dishonesty.

b) Genuine oaths can bring us into judgment if we fail to keep them.

False oaths: In Jesus' day people used oaths a way to avoid keep their word. In Matthew 23 Jesus chides the Pharisees for teaching that if you swore by the "the Temple" that was not binding but if you swore by the "gold of the Temple" it was binding. This is like making a promise then saying "but I had my fingers crossed when I said it". Oaths thus became a way of cheating another person!

Satan uses such false oaths to trick people as part of his campaign of lying, cheating, stealing, killing and destroying.

Genuine oaths: James warns us against vows and oaths saying: "lest you fall into judgment." Broken oaths bring us into judgment and as Ecclesiastes says results in god destroying the work of our hands.

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