Summary: Relevant message of our time.

Business oriented people know well the great

value of investment. They are on the look out for

investment opportunities that would yield

profitable returns. They set goals and sharpen

their vision through their philosophies of life.

They have the capacity to motivate themselves and

others to stay enthusiastic as they pursue their

target. In due time, they will receive the

coveted reward of their labor and they are worthy

to be honored. The principle of investment is so

important and rewarding.

As we try hard to cope up with the current fast

pace of life, many have inclined their hearts to

the cares of this world hoping to elude the

enslaving power of insecurity. Sad to say, but

it’s true, that many have been very succesful

in their chosen career and reached a remarkable

level of financial stability, but they have

neglected their own home. On the other side of

life, they are living in worst poverty, which is

spiritual poverty. Literally, figuratively and

spiritually speaking, man is made by what he

eats. It is not wise to invest things just to

get gain and satisfy the carnal desire of our

hearts but neglect the most needed investment

for our home and spiritual growth. Balanced

and appropriated investment must be carefully

considered before we experience the sorrowful

effects of self-centered goals.

Where are we investing? What kinds of

profits or returns do we want to realize? What

is the real value of those things that facinate

our deceitful hearts? They may sound like

ivestigative questions, but they are great help

to every Christian who is mindful of the blessed

will of God. It is always safe and wise to weigh

up things on the balance of truth. Investing in

the right place at the right time is always


Investing profitable things in our family is

a very relevant and essential investment of our

time. As we set goals for the betterment of our

spiritual life, we have to consider what the Bible

says concerning essential investment in our own


(I) Prayers

-Pray for all the members of the family

Acts 10:1,2 Matthew 7:7-11

Matthew 9:38 I Thes. 5:17

Eph. 6:18,19 Hebrews 4:14-16

James 1:5-7

-Consider the prayer of Epaphras

Col. 4:12

(II) Love

-Love one another

Eph. 5:25 Col. 3:19

Titus 2:4

-Everyone is in need of love

Love is a barrier breaker that keeps

the family unbroken.

(III) Time

-In giving spiritual education

-In fellowship

-In worshipping God

Deuteronomy 6:5-9 Eph. 5:15-17

Precious and memorable moments

shared today will be our strength

and unfading treasures of tomorrow.

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