Summary: work of Holy Spirit in the life of every believer

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Intro: being raised in Pentecostal churches there was one verse that seemingly was used at every camp, convention or special revival services. Zechariah 4:6-not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit saith the Lord. It was the prophesy of Zechariah unto Israel that God’s Spirit would give them the ability to complete His temple and that the Spirit of the Lord was going to rest there. This past 10 days have been a time we as a church have needed the assurance that it is the Holy Spirit that will give us the ability to go forward in the midst of the pain of losing a young lady in a terrible car accident at only 15 years of age.

The Essentials of the Holy Spirit

As you read the Word of God you realize that God has operated with man in three distinct dispensations. God the Father revealed Himself to Adam and Eve, then God Jehovah revealed Himself to Abraham as a Covenant God with Israel. The next dispensation was the time of Jesus Christ who was the Son of God and Saviour of the world. Jesus promised in Acts 1 that He would go but they must wait or tarry for the promise of the Father, which is the God the Holy Spirit. The church age operates in the power of the Holy Spirit, and we have seen God’s power operating these last 10 days in very real ways.

I. The Anointing that destroys the yokes—Isaiah 10:27—we have seen people set free from addictions in their lives because of the anointing of the Holy Spirit operating through this tragedy. Young people at the funeral, at the high school assembly and at our Celebration of Life service this past Wednesday night were set free from habits, from fear, from bondages they have carried in their lives. It was amazing to see 50-60 young people in the altars crying out to God in one service.

II. Conviction of Sin—John 16:8—reprove the world of sin. There is

No way you can make people feel the weight of their sin. We live

In a society that is comfortable with their sin. You can preach a million sermons an nothing will happen, but when the Holy Spirit brings conviction of sin people respond. As Rodney and Debbie ministered at the High School, you could sense the reproving of the Holy Spirit on young people. At the end of the service they were surrounded by young people confessing their sins because the conviction of the Holy Spirit was present. They shared the story of the accident at Youth Convention, the theme of the convention was one life/one chance. At the altar call, 150 responded for Christ.

III. Helper—Romans 8:26—helps in our infirmities—or weaknesses.

Another powerful work of the Holy Spirit is that He aids us in our weaknesses. When we are weakest, He is strongest. I have seen the Helper at work in so many lives since the accident 10 days ago. In Rodney and Debbie as they spoke you knew it wasn’t them, it was the Holy Spirit giving them strength. Lynn, Skylor’s grandmother when she was being interviewed for the 10 o’clock news she told me she wasn’t a speaker, but she gave a powerful witness for Jesus Christ, and you knew it wasn’t in her ability, in wasn’t her power, but is was by His Spirit saith the Lord.

IV. Comforter—John 14:26—another work of the Holy Spirit is the

Work of giving comfort for those who have suffered loss. Jesus said another Comforter—so just as Jesus was a comfort to the disciples in their walk with Him, now the Holy Spirit will be a comfort to those who grieve, to those who mourn, to those who are in a battle or struggle in their lives. What a wonderful work of the Holy Spirit. Since the accident we have been with Rodney and Debbie and we have found out one important thing, don’t say anything, just be there and let the comfort of the Holy Spirit take control. So many people have tried to be the comforter to them, but it just doesn’t work, it is the work of God to comfort those who have a heavy heart.

V. Witness for Christ—Acts 1:8—Skylor was a witness for Christ

Everywhere she went. The Barrett’s had just moved to their new home a while back, and the other day a neighbor came by who Rodney and Debbie hadn’t met yet. They relayed how Skylor on Saturday’s out riding her four wheeler would stop by and talk with them. As an older couple it meant so much to them that she took the time to care and share what God was doing in her life. They told Rodney and Debbie, when they build “Skylor Church in Tanzania, we want to pay to fly you out to Africa to be in the a church service there.”

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