Summary: Life with God in our lives.

Life with God in our lives is a very wonderful thing. I know that if it were not for God in my life i would not be where I am now. Growing up in my house, one would never have believed that I’d grow up to become an ordained minister. For those that believe in God you know what i am talking about. For those of you who have not yet accepted christ as your savior and lord i’d like to speak directly to you.

I am a firm believer that those people who have not yet accepted christ will in fact go to heaven, but in a lower kingdom for them to choose either to learn the gospel or not. If in fact they do accept Christ, then they are allowed full access to the gates of Heaven. If they do not accept Christ at this point, then they are sent directly to Hell (outer darkness) whatever you believe it’s called.

I became a firm believer in 1993 when my 3 yr. old step son was removed from a swing set by a psychiatric patient who had escaped from the hospital. And was thrown into a nearby river, i had jumped in to retrieve my son when I felt a presence near us. Unbelievably my son was kept alive and afloat by his diaper. it had expanded, and was serving as a life preserver when a Doctor had taken him from the river.

I felt a presence around me as i was sinking fast in the river, struggling to find my son, as i could not see very well having lost my eye-glasses to the river. From that moment on I accepted Christ, believed that a higher deity does in fact exist.

The presence was helping to keep me afloat and helped me to swim to the shore. I believe this "presence" was my guardian angel sent by God from Heaven to help me and my step-son. Once the local law enforcement showed up the patient was arrested, but before hand he had thrown my son into the river, and as he was running to get away, he tripped over a young man’s fishing pole and was detained until law enforcement people could get there.

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