Summary: An outreach plan for the church

(National & World Religion Statistics - Church Statistics - World Religions)

Christianity, if taken as a whole, is the largest world religion

2.1 billion Christians in the world, or 33% of the total population.

NOTE - Which they include Catholic, Protestant,

eastern Orthodox, Pentecostal, Anglican, Monophysite,LDS, JW’s ect

Largest National Christian Population USA 85%

They go on to say:

- Top Most Christian State in the U.S.A.

- Utah 79.6%

- Barna Research – 9% Americans are Evangelical Christian


1. Reaching non-Christians is a low priority for most Churches

2. In turn it has become a low priority for Christians

3. Lost people no longer concern us

4. Most Outreach methods are ineffective of making disciples

5. Evangelism is focused on decision making not discipleship

We Need An Outreach Strategy.

Lk 8:4-15

• Purpose of planting seed

– Bring forth fruit

• We don’t’ plant just anywhere

– Soil is prepared

• Seed that is planted is nurture

– Watered & cared for

• Key to each of these soils is hearing

– Earning the right to plant the seed

A Six To 8 week plan (Adopted by by the Navigators)

Week One

– Choose & Pray for Your Extended Family

• Our “extended family” includes close friends, relatives, and associates who are not presently believers.

• Have them list each of these people on a sheet of paper.

• Ask them to narrow down their list to one or two on whom God would have them concentrate His love.

• Assign each person to take a “Jericho Jog” (or walk) around his neighborhood, claim it for Christ, and pray for specific needs he knows of and for new opportunities to build relationships.

Week Two

– Share with Others to join in Prayer

• Have each person share the names of the one or two people he will be praying for and reaching out to.

• Make the names known that you we will share and pray for

Week Three

– Plan a Fun Activity

• Plan an outreach calendar with the group by identifying potential ideas/activities in which their extended family members would feel comfortable participating.

• The purpose: to build exposure to Christ and His people. This could include church activities and programs or your own group activities.

Week Four

– Share your Plans & Use Ideas

• Share your plans with one another and steal each other’s ideas, hold each other accountable, and help one another in the relationship-building process with your extended family members.

Week Five

• Brainstorm a target outreach event that the group will sponsor.

• Perhaps a pot-luck and speaker who, in addition to speaking on a subject of interest to everyone.

• Ideas (counseling, families, parenting, home protection, law enforcement, etc.),

• Close the time with a testimony and a simple presentation of the gospel.

• Ask members to develop a friendship-building plan with the people they intend to invite. (Usually the event should be at least 6–8 weeks away from this point to facilitate this event.)

Week Six

Implement the Outreach event

Week Seven-Eight

• Bring the out reach event together then follow up with them their experience and thoughts

• Evaluate with prayer and share

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