Summary: This sermon is one that makes it clear that everybody that is standing in your corner really is not in your corner; so therefore, everybody is not your friend.


The word friend is a word that is often taken lightly or with no significance. Webster’s definition of friend is somebody who trusts and is fond of another. A true friend is one we can say has our back through the thick and the thin.

A true friend is one that will be with you no matter what. A true friend will step in and lend a helping hand without the asking. A true friend will hold you up when everybody else is ready to step on you. A true friend will stand with you when on one else will. A true friend will help you pick up the pieces of your life. A true friend will tell you when you are wrong and headed in the wrong direction. My brothers and my sisters this is a hard sermon to preach because I can identify with this well and I’m sure you can to. There are friends that will only stick with you when things are going well; and with that that brings me to my first point.

Point #1: The Free Riders and the Free Loaders

Looking at the scripture, Mark 11:9-10, everybody is happy and shouting for joy. They are shouting Hosanna, Hosanna, which means save now, or save we pray. Jesus, riding on the colt into the city of Jerusalem and everyone is screaming Hosanna, Hosanna. As he rides the colt the people lay down their coats and palms on the ground for the colt to walk on.

Everybody was excited about the miracles that Jesus the Christ had performed. The multitude had started gathering since early in the morning excited and looking forward in seeing this Jesus of Galilee who had raised Lazarus from the dead. In John 12:17-19 it tells us that there were so many people that the Pharisees said that the world had gone after Him. There were three types of people that were found in the crowd following Jesus. There were those who were there following along to see what they could. They were there to satisfy their curiosity. In other words these were the noisy folks. And second, there were also those people were sincere in their motives. There were some who loved and believed Jesus the Christ. And thirdly, there were those who were just there for the ride. If Jesus was doing something for their benefit, they wanted to be included. These are the people that just come along in hopes of reaping benefits that they don’t even deserve. These people really aren’t sure about what’s going on but just in case if it is, they want to be there.

Point #2: When The Rubber Meets The Road.

If we read Mark 15:12-14 it says, What shall I do, then, with the one you call the king of the Jews? Pilate asked them. Crucify him! they shouted. Why? What crime has he committed? asked Pilate. But they shouted all the louder, Crucify him!

Jesus was painting a clear picture here for to let us know that everybody standing in your corner is not in your corner. Let me say that again, everybody standing in your corner is not in your corner.

My brothers and my sisters when times get hard, that’s when you will see who is really your friend. I’m going to keep this thing real, when we were out there in the world, as long as the river had water, our so called friends were there; however, when the river ran dry, they were no where to be found.

When we would go to the club, as long as we were setting up the bar or buying our friends drinks, they were okay with us, but as soon as the money ran out, the liquor tabs could no longer be paid, they were no where to be found.

My father use to say to me, Boy you will know who your true friends are when your back is up against the wall, you’re sick and you need help, or you’re in trouble. Those people that you think that are going to be there are the ones that are not going to be there. But the people that you only would speak to and you really never spent any time with them, those are the ones that are going to be thee with you in your corner.


Just before I take my seat, I just want to let you know that I know a man who is a friend to the friendless. I know a man that is a bridge over troubled water. I know a man that can make a way out of no way. I know a man that can be a doctor in the hospital. I know a man that is a lawyer in the court room. I know a man that can mend and heal old wounds. That man is Jesus.

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