Summary: Strong faith can give us victory over fear. Although, Jesus rebuked the disciples for not having enough faith to deal with the storm, yet He calmed the storm. God is calling us into security and safety today and He wants us to acknowledge Him as our everything and the Lord that heals our diseases.

It is not unusual for some Christian to divide their life into compartments, allocating one area to themselves and the other to Jesus. Some people may allocate their family, marriage, health, finances, children, career, academic and other areas to themselves and leave their religious aspect to Jesus. The reality is that, if we try to develop our own vision and dreams without involving our Lord Jesus Christ , we may fail. Our best vision, our best dreams, our hope and our aspirations can only flourish in the Lord Jesus Christ (2 Peter 1:3). In John 10:10, the Lord reassures us that He has not just come to give us life, but to give us life in abundance, this means, it is only in Jesus that we can have the best life.

How much do we need Jesus? While some people may think we only need Jesus for certain areas of our life or for everything, others may think they don’t need Him at all. Although, we may have everything going well for us right now, that does not mean we do not need Jesus. Being financially stable, being in good health, having stable job or booming business, good marriage, lovely cars, beautiful home, good education and successful career, does not mean we do not need Jesus. Do you know that things can turn around within the twinkling of an eye? Do you know that Satan may decide to afflict us just like he did to job (Job 2:7)? Satan took permission from God to afflict Job with sickness, poverty and extreme misfortune, bringing great loss and sorrow upon his life.

Beloved, do you believe that everything needs Jesus, no matter the situation? Some of us may have the impression that the only people that needs Jesus are the poor ,the uneducated, people with health problems, the bereaved, people with mental health issues , people with marital turbulence or people with life crisis. I can clearly say that, it is not only the areas mentioned above that needs Jesus, but everything in our life, including our nations and our planet.

Act 17:28, says “For in Him we live and move and have our being…” To live in God means that He is the fountain of our existence, He is the breath that we breath and the reason we are alive. To move in him means that the strength and the ability we need to perform constant motion depends on Him. To have our being in him means we are of God, and the natural life which we live is from Him and we are constantly supported by his blessings and provision. He is the anchor that is holding our life. This shows how much He means to us.

In John 14:6, Jesus mention that He is the way, the truth and the life and we can only come to the father through Him. This means that, the only way to God is Jesus and we need Him to live, to move, to breath and to have our being. Because God loves us so much, He gave us our Lord Jesus Christ to die for our sins so we can have access to Him.

Why do we need Jesus?

For salvation and everlasting life

The only way we can receive salvation is through our Lord Jesus Christ. It is only through Him that we can have everlasting life (John14:6; Acts 4:12).

For healing

We do not only need Jesus to heal our body, soul and spirit, but we also need him to heal our land. Jesus can heal any incurable disease and He can kill any deadly organism invading our land (1 Samuel 2:6; Luke 8:43-48, Exodus 15:26)

For safety and security

Safety and security are some of the most important conditions we all need in life , as they protect us from harm and danger, and may guarantee our survival. Although external precautions are useful sometimes , but the greatest precaution for safety and security can only be found in our Lord Jesus christ (Proverbs 18:10; Psalm 91)

To conquer fear

Strong faith can give us victory over fear. In Matthew 8:25-26, the disciples suddenly remembered that Jesus was in their boat, and they realised they needed Him for divine intervention, as they have lost their faith and became fearful during the storm. Jesus acknowledged that their fears were great, and their faith was little. Although Jesus rebuked the disciples for not having enough faith to deal with the situation, yet He calmed the storm. We need to increase our faith to conquer fear.

For good mental health

Some people rely on alcohol and drugs to help them face life challenges, still there is no solution. I believe the best spiritual medication for mental health is found in Jesus Christ (Philippian 4:6-9). Through all my challenges in life, Jesus has been my best friend and He is always there for me.

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