3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: If a believer has truly made Christ the center of their lives then there should be a change in their purpose, perspective of death, performance, the their personal relationships.

#11 6-3-07

Evidence of a Christ-Centered Life


What does it mean to be a Christ-centered person? It means first that you know

Christ as your Savior and then have made Him the Lord of your life.


Philippians 1:21-28

I. A Change in Your Purpose

A. Previous goals of your life

1. Before receiving Christ you live for selfish pursuits

2. Your center of life is what ever you value most. It may be sports,

hobbies, entertainment, work, family etc.

B. Paul’s purpose for life

1. That Christ would be exalted

2. That he would have a fruitful labor (1:22, 24, 25)

C. What is your purpose in life?

II. A Change in Your Perspective of Death

A. The fear of death

1. Many fear death because they fear the unknown

2. Many fear death because they fear losing what they value most

B. Paul’s view of death

1. For Paul to die was gain (1:21)

2. To be with Christ was very much better (1:23)

C. You will have new courage to live

1. Because you don’t fear death you will not be alarmed by your

opponents. (1:28)

2. Because you don’t fear death you will not fear what man or Satan can

do against you.

III. A Change in Your Performance

A. A change in your view of life and death leads to:

1. A change in how you will live your life

2. You will have a purpose-driven life

3. You will have a life driven by eternal values

B. Conduct yourselves in a worthy manner (1:27)

1. When Christ is your center of life, you will life to please Him.

2. You will live your life to be a testimony of Christ

IV. A Change In Your Personal Relationships

A. A self-centered life leads to:

1. Conflict and strife

2. Disunity and division

B. Unity with other believers (1:27)

1. Stand firm in one spirit

2. Contend as one man

What changes have you experienced since receiving Christ?

Do you have a new purpose in life?

Do you have a new perspective on death?

Do you have changes in your behavior?

Are you united with a body of believers?

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