6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: Don’t be deceived by a false salvation, but look for evidence of true salvation.

#21 8-19-07

Evidence of True Salvation


1) How do you know if you are truly saved? 2) How do you know for sure you are a child

of God and going to heaven? 3) The warning of scripture; Jesus’ warnings about the day

of judgment (Matthew 7:21-23), His parables of the wheat and the tares, of the sheep and

the goats. The warning of Apostle Paul in the letter to the church of Philippi, about the

false and true circumcision. These warning speak of two groups of people in the church,

those who are not saved but think they are, and those who are truly saved.

Text, Philippians 3:1-3

I. Don’t Be Deceived By a False Salvation

A. Beware of false teachers

1. “The dogs”, Greek word use for dogs here is the word use for wild scavenges.

2. “The evil workers”, These false teachers followed Paul on his missionary

journeys to churches that Paul started, teaching a doctrine of salvation

through keeping the Law. They undermined Paul’s ministry and persuaded

many to turn away from the true gospel.

3. “False circumcision”, these Jewish legalist or Judaizers prided themselves as

being God’s chosen people because they were circumcised. They trusted

in outward symbols for their evidence of salvation.

B. Present day deceptions

1. Those who rely on symbolism both churches and individuals.

Churches with their Christian symbols of God’s presence rather than His

real presence. Individuals with their Christians symbols in jewelry, badges

pens, and bumper stickers.

2. Those who rely on religious acts or activities.

They believe that just because they have been baptized, participated in the

Sacraments, church services and even prayer a salvation prayer that they

Must be saved. They rely on external acts but have no change of heart.

3. Those who rely on doctrine

They believe that because they have the right doctrine they are saved.

Intellectual knowledge does not save you. Even the demons believe.

4. Those who rely on adherence to certain rules

They believe that if they keep a list of rules that qualifies them for

salvation. Believing that keeping the Law, membership rules etc. will

save you is legalism.

II. Evidence of True Salvation

A. A Circumcised Heart (Joel 2:12)

“Yet even now, declares the Lord. ‘Return to Me with all your heart, and with fasting, weeping

And mourning; and rend your hearts and not your garments”

1. True circumcision is of the heart (Deuteronomy 10:16, 30:6)

“Circumcise the foreskins of your heart and be no more stubborn”

“The Lord will circumcise your hearts, the hearts of your descendents, to love Him with all your heart and with all your soul, in order, that you may live.”

2. What it means; to put off the old nature with its self-will, a change of heart

were you now will and desire what God wants, you have a heart that is

responsive to God.

B. Worship in the Spirit of God

1. You must have the Spirit of God in you to able to worship God.

2. Worship in the Spirit transcends outward ritual.

C. Glory in Christ, boast in Christ, give Him all the glory and credit.

D. Put on confidence in the flesh

1. No reliance on works to save you.

2. No reliance on the flesh with its sinful nature to ever do what is right or what

wuld please God.

What evidence do you have that you are truly saved?

Are you relying on symbolism, religious acts, doctrine, the keeping of rules to save you?

Have you genuinely experienced a change of heart?

Do you have the Spirit of God indwelling you?

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