Summary: The recent aggressive character of evolutionists, trying to silence those who use science to question Darwin, is pharisaical.

Tuesday of 21st Week in Course

August 26, 2008

One of the reasons we can be confident in Jesus’s words that we will not know the day of His second coming until it happens, is that a general rebellion must come first. Well, our society seems to constantly be in a state of rebellion against God’s law of love of God and love of neighbor. So, to be a little ironic, how will we tell the difference?

The latest rebellion, it seems to me, is chronicled in a recent New York Times article on the teaching of evolution in Florida. Darwinian evolution is coming back through the school door with energy and aggressive intent. You see, for about two decades evolutionists have been on the defensive in education. Certain scientists have discovered that many of the illustrations in standard biology books–even books used in Catholic schools–were misleading, even faked. The drawings of embryos by Haeckel were a good example–they were made to look more alike than the embryos of the different organisms actually are in life. The famous white moth on the dark tree used to demonstrate natural selection was pinned there by the photographer.

At the same time, biochemists like Michael Behe were showing the world the enormous complexity of biochemical systems like the bacterial flagellum and the translation of light into electrical signals in the retina. They argued–and still haven’t been refuted–that the biochemicals–enzymes and proteins–used to create these systems and structures would have all had to evolve simultaneously, or the system wouldn’t work at all.

Now there is much evidence for evolutionary change in biology, so this challenge should have begun a dialogue between the two camps that would produce a progress of understanding. But instead of progress, the evolutionist camp is digging in its heels. Instead of listening, they are dragging out all their old, discredited so-called evidence and presenting it as fact in the classroom. They are trying to muzzle the scientists who want to talk about evidence of intelligent design. They remind me of the Pharisees who, challenged by Jesus, dug in their heels and plotted his demise.

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