Summary: Jesus does a examination on the quality of Peter’s love. It is an exam we all must take as we follow the Lord.

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Intro: cards, flowers, chocolates, even jewelry, are only expressions of love. The quality of love is tested all through the year. Ill) it is like the guy who rode home with his friend who stopped by and got some roses, had dress clothes on, and had a fresh hair cut. He said, I go home every Friday and ask my wife out on a date. This impressed the man so much, who wasn’t a romantic at all, that the next Friday he did the exact same thing. But when his wife saw him, she broke down crying, saying, this is a terrible day, Billy got in trouble at school, the baby is sick, I burn’t our supper, and now you come home drunk. Love must be consistent for it to be real. Jesus gave Peter an examination of love in John 21:14-19—if you can past this test, you really know what true love is really about.


JOHN 21:14-19

I. The Quality of Love—v.15 Do you love me more than these? As I looked through a few translations and commentaries, the true meaning of this question could very well be one of three.

a. do you love me more than these other disciples do? Peter, I have chosen you to be a leader, these others will follow your lead, so this is very important, is the quality of your love of the highest nature. Do you have a burning love in your heart that even surpasses these other men.

b. Do you love me more than fish or fishing? Peter, this has been your life, this is what you know and love, but do you love me more than your hobbies, more than your job, more than your recreation, more than the money you receive from your trade.

c. Do you love me more than anything-(NEB) Peter, am I first and foremost in your life. For you do be my disciple, you must love me with everything that is within you.


Jesus asks a series of questions concerning Peter’s love. Three times he states, feed my sheep, tend my sheep, keep my sheep. Peter is your love great enough for me that you will operate in a ministry of love. Will you give yourself to me, by giving yourself to others.

· Feed my sheep—Peter will you preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Will you share my life with others. Even when you are rejected for the message, will you still love the messenger so much that you will keep preaching.

· Tend my sheep—will you take the time to disciple, train, lead others. It is one thing to feed them, it is another thing to make sure they grow up into adulthood. These little lambs will take time and care, and most of all a lot of love for them to become established in the flock.

· Keep my sheep—or multiply my kingdom—will you fill my house, will you go out into the highways and byways and compel them to come in. Peter, do you love me enough to cause others to follow me, as you do?


Jesus now asks Peter do you have enough love for me to go the distance. When you were young you dressed yourself and went where you wanted to go. But when you are old, some will take you to a place you don’t want to go.

This was a prophesy of the martyrdom of Peter who would be crucified upside down for Jesus Christ.

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