Summary: This sermon looks at the life of Stephen and illustrates six charateristics of a spirit-filled Christian

I. Introduction

a. In Acts Chapters 6, 7 & 8 we see the story of Stephen.

b. Stephen was a

i. Martyr, Deacon, Preacher

c. He was a man full of the Holy Spirit. (Acts 6:3; 6:5; 7:55)

d. The Characteristics of a Christian filled with the spirit.

II. Available to the Lord

a. When the Lord called

b. When the church called (Acts 6:3-5)

III. A channel of God’s power

a. Acts 6:8

b. God’s power is either

i. Ministering to you

ii. Ministering through you

iii. Many times God’s power goes unused.

IV. Graceful when provoked

a. Acts 6:15

i. The Sanhedrin was accusing him and he had the

face of an angel.

V. Mighty in the word of God

a. Acts 7:1-53

i. Knew Scripture

ii. Believed Scripture

iii. Preached Scripture

iv. Showed the Christ of the Scripture

VI. Greatly sustained during trials

a. Acts 7:56 – Saw the glory of God during his


b. God also gave him the words to say during his


VII. Like his Lord and Master

a. In Death

i. Prayed for his enemies (Acts 7:60)

ii. Dismissed his spirit (Acts 7:59)

VIII. Conclusion

a. A Spirit Filled Christian is

i. Available to the Lord

ii. A channel of God’s power

iii. Graceful when provoked

iv. Mighty in the word of God

v. Greatly sustained during trials

vi. Like his Lord and Master

b. God has called us to be spirit filled


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