Summary: Peter Deison has noted THREE MAJOR EVENTS in the life of David. It’s my contention that these THREE MAJOR EVENTS demonstrate for us what integrity is. We will take these in reverse chronological order and we’ll deal with the first of three events today.

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Opening Statement: I have been talking to you about Leadership and Service Excellence. After introducing the theme of Excellence, our first sermon was on Excellence in Influence. Last week, we began talking about Excellence in Integrity. Today, I want to continue to talk to you about Integrity. You see, integrity is a leadership essential. I am not just about filling up pews. My objective is to creative leaders of those sitting in the pews through what I say, how I say it, and what I demonstrate.

Series Review: We continue our series on God-glorifying excellence. We’re not about perfectionism. Neither are we about a snooty sophistication, elitism and professionalism. Rather, we believe that excellence in Christian living and work, when expressed with humility and authenticity, glorifies God and inspires people. When we do all we can within our God-given resources to pursue our tasks at hand with excellence in mind, that moves people toward the majesty and beauty, and order of God. It makes the New Community an inviting place to be. People love to be around excellence.

Illustration: If you heard my introductory message on this subject, you will recall my story about Roy and Ethel Nelson and how we decided we would really do an excellent job at hosting them, how that they loved it, and how they just went on and on about their entire weekend. In fact, Roy said, “Now Joey, sometime I just want to come back and sit in your living room for a while. I don’t want to teach or speak or anything like that. I just want to be there.” At that point, Dot and I looked at each other and thought, “Man, we were way to nice.” [By the way, if they come back, please don’t offer to get them a copy of the cassette tape the day that I told that story.] Well, I got an email not long after I told that story and once again they were grateful for all that we did for them. And then, just last week, I got a brief letter. I’ll share it: “It was just WONDERFUL to be in your house and church. We enjoyed it so much. God is so good. We have asked people to pray for your brother Jeff. Please pray for our scheduling. We want to go where the Lord wills.” Roy & Ethel Nelson.

Application: People love excellence. It makes a lasting impact. That’s why I’m moving you toward this noble, high-calling.

Title: Excellence in Personal Integrity, Part 2

Definition: The idea of completeness or wholeness is at the root of the Hebrew term (thamam) for integrity. The term “integrity” has within it the idea of an integer. What is an integer? Within the realm of mathematics, it is one whole number. It is not one number and part of another number. It is not fractionalized. Rather, an integer suggests completeness or wholeness.

Application: When we apply this concept to our lives, we understand that we are considered whole or complete people when our beliefs have been integrated into our behavior. A person of integrity is not fractionalized with duplicity or hypocrisy. A heart and life of integrity is consistent in one honest, simple direction. If a person of integrity begins a job, they finish it. If they make a promise, they keep it. If they commit a huge mistake, they admit it. If they believe something, they support that belief with their lifestyle. In this sense, they are whole and complete without a fractionalized life.

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