Summary: Motivation, Inpspiration, and encouragment... Obtaining and living with excellent health.

Excellence is so Attractive – Part 2

Excellence Health can be Yours!!!

I. Introduction

A. Last week I shared, what many said was, an excellent message.

1. I don’t know if the delivery was excellent, but I believe the content of the message was.

B. Today, I’m going to continue talking about this subject of excellence…in a world of mediocrity.

1. Opening Prayer

C. Last week we ended in Daniel chapter 5.

1. I thought I’d continue and share more about how God used a man with an “excellent spirit.”

2. But the Lord has directed me in another direction.

a. For those who’d like to know the rest of the story with Daniel I would encourage you to read the entire book.

D. If you remember last week the Lord spoke to our hearts on the subject and the importance of excellence.

1. We primarily discussed the importance of our MIND-SET.

E. Today, for those taking notes, the title of this message is:

1. Excellent Health can be yours!!!

2. Specifically, excellent physical health!

II. For a few moments, allow me to tell you about a person who had excellent physical health.

A. His health was indeed excellent and he was truly powerful physically.

1. His name, Samson.

2. He is a favorite among Sunday school teachers…but he’s one we can all learn something from.

B. The Key to Samson’s excellent health and physical power was two-fold.

1. # 1 – He was dedicated to the Lord, from his mother’s womb to be committed to the Nazirite Vow for life.

a. A special group of God’s people who committed themselves to the service of God. Some for life, others for a period of their life.

2. # 2 – God’s anointing was upon Him.

C. Now, today, you and I have not taken the Nazirite Vow, however we have…

1. …as genuine Christians, we have been transformed.

2. No longer slaves to sin…but now slaves (love slaves) unto righteousness.

D. At some point in your walk with God, you should have (somewhere along the way) come across the fact that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

E. That being the case, we have a very real duty to keep our bodies in excellent health.

1. I’ve never met anyone that has said, “Pastor, I’d really like you to pray for me to have poor health.”

2. Rather, countless times I’ve had people ask me to pray that their good health would be restored.

F. Keeping ourselves in good health (by eating right and staying in some kind of shape) is really a question of stewardship.

1. What else can we do, in addition to being a good steward of the body God has given us?

2. Answer: Realize that you can have excellent health!

3. It all starts with a mind-set!

G. Listen to what the Bible says,

A merry heart does good, like medicine,

Proverbs 17: 22

H. This scripture is so very true.

1. It’s not that we “wish ourselves” to good health.

2. But rather that we focus on having a merry heart!

I. FACT: Grumps & Grouches have a higher rate of heart attacks.

1. Our body, when we laugh and don’t allow ourselves to be on pins and needles, actually works at it’s peak performance to fight off illness.

2. Likewise a poor or inappropriate mindset can actually negatively effect our health!

J. Want to achieve excellent health? Then lighten up & cheer up!

1. Experience the Joy of the Lord. Focus on the blessings in your life, not what you don’t have!

III. Conclusion

A. It was my goal today, to share with you about obtaining excellent health.

1. Physically, Spiritually, and Mentally.

2. Time will not allow for all of that today.

B. Today the focus and the ministry of the Holy Spirit has been directed at your body.

1. Lord willing, next time I will preach and the Holy Spirit will minister to your spirit and soul.

a. Next time we will deal with spiritual & mental health.

C. It appears to me that if we want to serve God to the best of our ability then we are going to have to make the most of the vessel(s) He has given us.

D. There are three things we can do right now…that will put each of us the path to excellent health.

1. Pray for a miracle…for those truly in need.

2. Make a fresh commitment to be a better steward of our body.

3. Unleash the medicine of a merry heart.

E. I’ve always found that God is more than able to meet you…at the very point of your need.

1. Somebody here today may need a miracle ~ healing?

2. Somebody here today may need help and increased will-power in order to be a better steward of his/her body.

3. Somebody here today may need some heart surgery…to lighten up…to laugh…and to experience the joy of the Lord.

a. Whatever your need is…come and let’s pray together.

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