Summary: A look at Moses’ Humble beginnings of a Super life.

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Excuse Abuse

Exodus 3:1-4:17

Excuses are like belly buttons, everybody has one!

I. A Holy Encounter (3:1-10)

A. The Life

1. The Castaway (2:1-4)

2. The Adopted, part I (2:5-10)

3. The Defender, part I (2:11-14)

4. The Fugitive (2:15)

5. The Defender, part II (2:16-17)

6. The Adopted, part II (2:18-22)

B. Non-Burning Burning Bush

1. I feel your pain (2:23-25, 3:7-9)

2. “Hank and the Mop Bucket”,

When God Whispers Your Name,

Max Lucado (3:10)

3. I want you! (3:10)

II. An Unholy Veto (3:11-4:17)

A. The Excuses

1. “I’m a nobody!” ((3:11)

2. “By what authority!” (3:13)

3. “They won’t believe me!” (4:1)

4. “I’m no public speaker!” (4:10)

5. “Couldn’t someone else do this!”


B. The Rebuttal

1. “You’re right! At least without

me. That is why I will go with

you!” (3:12)

2. “I am! Tell them I am!” (3:14-22)

3. “Here’s your sign! Don‘t be

stupid!”” (4:2-9)

A. A staff - a snake - a

staff (4:2-5)

B. The hand & cloak trick


C. Water to Blood (4:8-9)

4. “If I can make it, I can control

it!” (4:11-12)

5. “I’ll let Aaron go with you, but

you are still going! That’s

final!!” (4:14-17))

III. The Godly Results

A. Moses went as God commanded

1. There were many obstacles that we

see in Moses’ life that God sees

as opportunities.

A. His birth (1:22)

B. His new family (2:10)

C. The murder (2:12)

D. The weaknesses

2. God does not accept no!

3. When we go as God commands, we

discover that God has thought of


B. The mission was accomplished

1. The people were freed (12:41)

2. The people were delivered to the

Promised Land (34:4)

3. Moses was rewarded, although, it

wasn’t with the Promised Land

(34: 4-6)

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