Summary: “The Ultimate Glory-Moving together in one direction, purpose and toward one goal.”

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Paul, who is the writer of our text, challenges the Philippian church to press on in unity to become the best that they could be for Christ. Rather than be complacent with where they were, they needed to set their sights higher.

As men and women of God who have different perspectives, needs, and desires, we as well need to unify ourselves, walk by the same rule, focus on the same thing so we can reach our potential for Christ by striving or giving it our best. Our wholehearted collective effort needs to be given to what is truly excellent.

Striving for excellence, however, comes at a high price. It takes diligence and exertion to attain what God desires for every one of us, but the price is worth the effort.

For the suffering of pressing through difficulties, disappointments and any displeasures of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory, which shall be revealed in us.

Therefore, we must press on in our relationship with Christ to fulfill our purpose and enter our destiny through four components, which will guaranty our success as men and women of God in our families and Church.

You ask how and through what four components can we press through and move together in one direction, purpose and toward one goal when we, as men and women are so different in perspective and need.

For as men we our naturally goal oriented were as women are relationship oriented. As men, we value power, competency, efficiency, and achievement; were as women value love, communication, beauty, and relationship.

Furthermore, as men, we are visionaries, far-sighted creatures design to lead our families to a better way of life; were as woman are near-sighted, intuitive, and discerning creatures who nurtures and develops the potential of her family. With these differences these four components can place us on neutral ground were we can be more able to respect and accept our differences and move together in one direction without tension, and one purpose toward one goal to strengthen our well being, our family, and our mission as a Church.

These four components we must incorporate or employ for our success are through,

a)God’s Word

b)Our Unity

c)Our Obedience

d)Our Love

Without these four, we will always have a backward focus, which is counterproductive to living life in the present and pursuing our tomorrow. Therefore, lets deal with our first component, which is His Word.

As men and women of God, we must examine, study, and apply God’s Word in our pursuit of destiny. For how can we seek for a better relationship without understanding God’s plan and purpose for us?

For God has a good plan already laid out for each of us, but we will never enjoy it unless our mind is renewed with the Word, which is His thoughts and ideas about things. When our mind is renewed with His Word, we will think His thoughts and not our own. For our thoughts our self-centered, twisted, and distorted due to past pain and psychological, social, emotional, and/or physical abuse.

Furthermore, when our mind is renewed, one area of the soul has been saved. And now, the Holy Spirit relentlessly works to bring our whole person into God’s perfect will. This process is referred to as sanctification or the salvation of the soul, which consist of our mind, will, and emotions.

For every one of us desires freedom to pursue our predestine purpose in one or all areas of our being; and this liberty is accomplished as we look into the Word of God. And if we don’t, how could we change our distorted views and pursue moving together in one direction, purpose and toward one goal as a collective body of believers?

Therefore, it is utterly imposable if we do not study and learn God’s Word. For the words of Jesus as recorded in John 8:31&32 declares, “If you abide in My word (hold fast to My teachings and live in accordance with them), you are truly My disciples. And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.”

The Word is called Truth. This Truth will set us free from guilt, condemnation, self-rejection, self-hatred, stubbornness, rebellion, and denial to pursue our collective goal for our family and this Church.

Now to our second concept, lets look at the importance of unity. Matt. 12:25, Jesus said, ”Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.”

Various kinds of bitterness, strife, factionalism, and rebellion, is from the devil trying to destroy our home, family, church, and ultimately our destiny. Therefore, we must disarm our nemeses, resist the “fighting together”, and peruse our destiny with unity of mind, purpose, rule, and direction; as Paul’s states in verse sixteen of our text.

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