3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: not an original message

An excuse is a thin skin of reason stretched over a lie. Moses had 5 really good reasons why he couldn’t do the will of God. My question for today is, "what’s your excuse?"

I. Moses’ first excuse veils a crisis of identity (EX. 3:11)

A. We are disobedient to God because we don’t know who we are. (God’s chosen, child of a King, joint heirs)

1. Moses question was rhetorical. He didn’t need an answer because he already knew it. He was a nobody!

2. His insecurity stemmed from his birth as a slave (we were born slaves to sin)

3. His insecurity stemmed from his fear of failure (he tried 40 yrs ago, it didn’t work, 2:11-14)

4. Further stemmed form upbringing.

Born a Jew, raised as Egyptian royalty.

Egyptians were hated by the Jewish slaves

Ran away 40 yrs. ago. (Didn’t write, telephone)

Ruined testimony (Egyptians and Jews)

Bad reputation (murderer)

Had no influence with either side of family

He was a shepherd (Egyptians hated shepherd)

They didn’t care much for Midianites

B. God made 2 promises to Moses.

1. I will be with you

2. You will come back to this very spot (wont die)

II. Moses’ 2nd excuses veil a crisis of authority. (EX.3: 13)

A. Disobedience says, "We don’t know who God is!"

1. God told Moses His name. (14)

2. Reminded him of his promises to Israel. (15-16)

3. Declared His Power over Egypt and Pharoses. (19,22)

4. He reaffirmed His Position as God Of Israel. (18)

B. God taught Moses a lesson we all need to learn.

1. He is LORD over all

2. He is in control of our lives

3. He rules all of heaven and earth

III. Moses’ 3rd crisis veils a crisis of faith

Not knowing who you are, and who God is, can only result in a faith crisis!

1. Disobedience say’s, “I doubt God’s ability to lead me, and support me, protect me.

2. God gave Moses 3 miracles to prove His trustworthiness.

a. Rod to serpent – God’s power over the devil

b. Hand to leprosy – God’s power to heal

c. Water to blood – God’s power over nature

IV. Moses’ 4th crisis veiled a crisis of ability.

Disobedience says, God is not able…

God said, “Yes I Am!” (4:11)

V. Moses’ 5th excuse veils a crisis of rebellion

Disobedience says, “I just don’t wont to!”

VI. God’s answers to our excuses.

A. Identity: John 1:12-13

B. Authority: John 17:18

C. Faith: Phil.4: 13

D. Ability: Phil 4:13

E. Rebellion: John 10:14

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