Summary: Excuses for Missing Church

Excuses for Missing Church

Why I stopped going to ball games:

1. Whenever I go to a game,

they ask for money.

2. The other fans don't care about me.

3. The seats are too hard.

4. Coach never visits me.

5. The referee makes calls

I don't agree with.

6. Some of the games go into overtime

and make me late for dinner.

7. The band plays songs I don't know.

8. I have other things to do at game time.

9. My parents took me to too many

games when I was growing up.

10. I know more than the coaches

do anyway.

11. I can be just as good a fan at the lake.

12. I won't take my kids to a game either. They must choose for themselves

which teams to follow.

Special thanks to a great man of God and a wonderful friend, Pastor Terry Sisney.

My name is William Poovey, and I pastor at Bethel Church in Olar, SC. I have been a long-time user of Sermon Central and truly appreciate its content and contributors. Some of the best sermons I’ve ever preached have been reworked material from this website. As you use the material from my sermon bank, understand that it is work that has been done from not just myself, but from hundreds of other pastors as well. If you see part of your message, or a lot of your message with my name on it and this upsets you, please email me and I will quickly respond and cite you as the main source. My intent is not to claim someone’s work as my own. I am disclaiming up front that I use the resources from Sermon Central and appreciate the tool. I simply want all those who use my work to know that some of these messages were inspired by the Holy Spirit working through other pastors. Because I do use the messages of other pastors I waive all claims of originality or origin of creativity for the messages posted under my messages. I pray God blesses your preaching ministry for the glory of His Kingdom.



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