Summary: Cost discipleship is always accompanied with great privileges and blessings

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Mathew 5:1-17

Jesus was a greatest teacher of all times. Jesus never quoted anyone except the father in his teachings. But all others in the world quoted one or the other in their lives, teachings. Sermon on the mount is always fresh, energetic, new way of living on the earth. These three chapters brought the human life in synopsis.

He started with beatitudes, proceeded to personal life as salt and light. He brought new interpretations to the teachings of the Law and Prophets in the practical life.

Then he touched the social Andy community issues of Murder, Adultery, Divorce, oaths, dealing with enemies, giving, prayer, fasting, wealth and treasures, daily cares and worries, judging others, believing in God, gates of life on Earth, deeds of life and their consequences, difference between the wise and the foolish men.

1. Be attitudes v. 3-9

The first thought is beatitude

Towards self, personal discipline, high valued characters. The verses 3-5 talk on the virtues of Humility, broken heart and meekness these are the very high quality of a believer godly people and even an ordinary man.

It's not easy to bring yourself into your control. If you are controlled by spirit or evil spirit then you are lost. People can easily understand under whose influence and control you behave with people. Your talk will reflect your mind, thought and heart. Those who are controlled by the spirit of lust they will try to destroy women, those who are controlled by the spirit of arrogance they will be proud in talk. Spiritual pride, pride of life includes everything - richness, cloth, look, despising others.

Then Lord Jesus said have thirst and hunger for the righteousness, have mercy on others, in verses 6-9. This attitude towards others make you to see God. That's why he taught on the purity of the heart. The purity in hand, heart, eyes are important (Ps.24:4). Paul says "keep yourself pure" (1Tim. 5:22). Peter says "Love one another from heart" (1 pet.1:22), Make every effort to become spotless" (2 Pet. 3:14). If we are not love the brother whom we see often then how can we love God who is not seen by mere eyes. The vision of God makes you to reach people with peace.

2. Then Jesus moved on to the cost of discipleship in verses 10-12.

Sufferings and insults.

Can you point out a saint in the Bible, who has not suffered for the sake of faith and values. Starting from young boy Joseph, faithful Daniel and his friends, true prophet Jeremiah, God fearing govt servant Mordecai, the only daring prophet Elijah. David was despised by his enemy(1 Sam.17:42), wife despised him(2 Sam.6:16), Nehemiah was ridiculed by govt officials(Neh. 2:19, 4:2), Job became a laughing stock(Job 12:4), In New Testament you see the disciples were persecuted, Paul and Barnabas dragged in the streets, Stephen was stoned, James was killed, but you know God chose the despised for his glory (1 Cor.1:28), our Lord Jesus Christ was despised as carpenters son(Mt. 13:55), are you a saviour?(Mk. 15:29), many said Jesus was demon possessed and mad fellow(Jn.10:20).

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