Summary: Discover how to know Jesus beyond ’head knowledge.’ Read as John the Revelator experienced Him in the fullness of His glory!

I. Banished to God’s Glory!

A. Text: Revelation 1:1-20

B. John, known as the “Revelator,” was banished/exiled to the island of Patmos for preaching the Gospel and his testimony of Jesus Christ.

C. John the apostle, the writer of the Fourth Gospel, son of Zebedee and Salome, brother of James the elder. He is that disciple who (without mention of his own name) is spoken of in the Fourth Gospel as especially dear to Jesus and according to the traditional opinion is the author of the book of Revelation.

D. Verse 10 John wrote, “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day…”

a. He had created an atmosphere for God to move.

b. When we create an atmosphere for God to move, we will see miraculous things take place! We will see Him in His glory!!!

II. John – The Revelator, the Lover and the Worshipper

A. John, the apostle, writes in his Gospel about John the Baptist who was the forerunner of the Messiah who was to come.

B. However, he also wrote of himself, somewhat.

C. He was grateful for the Lord’s companionship, but his desperate hunger to be closer to Jesus caused him to, literally, lay his head on the Lord’s chest as often as possible.

D. In his own hand, he wrote, in chapter 13:23, after Jesus told His disciples that one of them would betray Him: “Now there was leaning on Jesus’ bosom one of His disciples, whom Jesus loved.” He was referring to himself.

E. When John wrote of his account of the cross, in chapter 19, you will find him, once again, referring to himself. Listen to John 19:25-27

“Now there stood by the cross of Jesus His mother, and His mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene. When Jesus therefore saw His mother, and the disciple whom He loved standing by, He said to His mother, ‘Woman, behold your son!’ Then He said to the disciple, ‘Behold your mother!’ And from that hour that disciple took her to his own home.”

F. And, again, in chapter 20, verse 2 as well as chapter 21 verses 7 and 20, he refers to himself as ‘the disciple whom Jesus loved.’ If Jesus loves you that much that you are constantly be referred to as ‘the disciple whom Jesus loved,’ then He must see something special within you!

G. This was a man who had a special place in the heart of Jesus! So much so, that He gave him charge over His own mother! That is someone special!

H. John was a man of integrity, a man of humility (he never mentions his own name). He was a man of worship! True worship! He loved the heart of Jesus!

I. We can safely even assume that John wasn’t one who cared if the other disciples talked about him, belittled him, or expressed their jealousy over his endless search for more of God. All he knew was that if the Master was within touching distance, that he would go straight for the heart!!!!

J. John’s Gospel is considered by many to be the deepest and most spiritual book in the entire Bible. Do you think that has something to do with his love for his Lord?

K. John’s writings are the one that list the “I AMs" of Christ. He quotes Jesus 14 times. John knew the heart of Jesus. He writes:

1. I am the Messiah (4:26)

2. I am the Bread of Life (6:35)

3. I am from above (8:23)

4. I am the Eternal One (8:58)

5. I am the Light of the World (9:5)

6. I am the Door (10:7)

7. I am the Good Shepherd (10:11, 14)

8. I am the Resurrection and the Life (11:25)

9. I am the Lord and Master (John 13:13)

10. I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life (14:6)

11. I am the True Vine (15:1)

12. I am the Alpha and Omega (1:8)

13. I am the First and the Last (1:17)

L. It would seem that John truly knew Jesus beyond just a head-knowledge!

M. John records 8 miracles of Christ in his gospel (beside the Lord’s own resurrection). Six of those 8 only appear in John’s gospel.

1. The water into wine (2:1-11)

2. The healing of the nobleman’s son (4:46-54)

3. The healing of the man at the pool of Bethesda (5:1-9)

4. The raising of Lazarus (chapter 11)

5. The Second draught of fishes (21:1-6)

6. The man born blind (9:1-7)

N. There certainly was something different about John that separated him apart from the other disciples! He was unique. He was a man who hungered for more of the Lord!

O. What does this have to do with Revelation chapter 1?

P. Understanding who John was will help us to understand how he was chosen to write this great, last book of the Bible. What was it? What did John have that the others didn’t that caused Jesus Himself to appear unto Him in all of heavenly glory!?? What did John do to deserve the window of heaven being opened up over his life?

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