Summary: In friendly banter, I will say to guys that give me a friendly push, "Hey, I belong to God! I am annointed! Don’t touch the Lord’s annointed! Back off!" What about you? Do you belong to God?

Exodus 13 - Set Apart for Him!

Exodus 13 interests me as it speaks about the firstborn sons of Israel. I am a firstborn son. If I had been in Egypt in the previous chapter I too would have perished unless I took the blood of the lamb and put it on the doorposts and lintels of my house. And in this chapter God once again singles out the firstborn, not to die this time, but to be consecrated before God. If it was me and I had survived in Egypt, I would already feel set apart and humbled to think that I was not taken.

Sometimes some of the guys try to push me around a little, all in good fun. It is a way of showing affection in Australia. In the friendly banter, I may say "Hey, I belong to God! I am annointed! Don’t touch the Lord’s annointed! Back off!" Although I am only joking I am also serious about belonging to God. I am His servant and anything that happens to me has to go through God first. What about you? Do you belong to God?

It was also like that with the firstborn sons of Israel. In a significant way they were set apart. They belonged to God.

Exodus 13 speaks about the need to give the firstborn sons and firstborn male animals to God. It speaks about how Israel finally moves out of Egypt. Moses takes Joseph’s bones, as promised to Joseph many years earlier. Israel is led by a cloud during the day and a pillar of fire by night.

On the day they moved out of Egypt, God claims an ownership of all the firstborn male offspring in Israel. God says "They belong to Me". That would have brought comfort to many families and would also have prepared the next generation of leadership. Firstborn sons in an Israelite family always received the double portion, the leadership and priestly role from this point on especially. Any firstborn son would feel God’s "anointing" upon him. He would know that he was set apart for God, belonging to God. That would make anyone feel secure and loved and responsible for developing a relationship with God. And if you were a firstborn son, people would look to you for leadership.

Jesus was the firstborn Son of Joseph and Mary - set apart by God the Father for His purposes. Today, when you enter into God’s family by believing in Christ, the Bible says you are positioned in Christ. It is as if you were a firstborn son, consecrated with Jesus’ consecration, ruling with Jesus’ authority, receiving a double portion of God’s blessings as you are born again, and exercising a priestly life of worship as Jesus did. God speaks of those who know Christ as belonging to Him, bought with a price, a royal priesthood, set apart for His purposes, as being IN CHRIST. People look to us to lead the way in the things of God. So backoff Satan! I belong to God!

Thankyou Father for giving me life in Christ. I humbly submit myself to You today, as your child, consecrated to You, loving You, and serving You. Thankyou for setting me apart for Your purposes today. May my influence today be a Godly influence.

God bless you Church as you walk and live your life in Christ,

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