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Summary: If you live in Queensland Australia like I do, you know we have a problem with Cain Toads and if you live in Airlie you have to deal with annoying little insects called midgies. But that was nothing compared with the Plagues Pharaoh experienced.

Exodus 8 - The Plague!

Exodus 8 speaks about the plagues of frogs, lice and flies and how Pharaoh’s heart remained hardened.

Speaking about plagues, I have been sick this week and felt like I had one of the plagues. Not wanting to spread my "plague" (flu) around, I spent the week in relative isolation. I felt a little lonely, since Julie is in Sydney at present, looking after my sick daughter. A couple of people who heard I was sick offered meals, but since my bones were aching and I didn’t feel like doing anything but sleep and feel sorry for myself, I declined. If I had been Pharaoh, I would have let Israel go after the first plague just to be free of the misery.

The next plague after the Nile turning to blood was frogs. Many of our Queensland frogs are a protected species today and in ancient Egypt it was the same. They prohibited killing frogs. They were considered a sacred species representing fertility. Egyptians apparently liked frogs and even wore amulets in the shape of frogs. But imagine a plague of green tree frogs, not only on your windows at night but all through your house and food - everywhere you stepped was squishy. Or imagine a plague of nats. It’s bad enough with cain toads and midgies in Queensland Australia, but imagine the incredible severity of not being able to escape the persistent itching and biting of a plague of nats.

Years ago I remember the Kings Commandoes going camping and coming back with insect bites all over their skin. They had been attacked through the night by blood sucking insects which deposit their eggs on living things so the larvae can feast upon it. So under their skin were deposits of larvae which made their skin unbearably itchy for many days until the larvae hatched through the skin. That’s how it felt in Egypt no doubt, where such insects existed and were considered to be a manifestation of the god Uatchit. No wonder God protected Goshen from the plague. I would have been glad to be an Israelite and if I was an Egyptian, I would go to Goshen.

Pharaoh goes for the compromise. He says "You can take my workforce (the Israelites) somewhere in Egypt and make your sacrifices to God". Moses isn’t interested in making deals. God doesn’t make compromises when it comes to the Christian life either.

It is not in our best interests in life to try to go against God. It leads us out from under the protective umbrella of God’s grace and leaves us susceptible to the consequences. I’m not saying you’ll be plagued, except with the thought that your life is being wasted. I guess we are plagued today with a world of choices which lead us away from God, and the consequences of those choices are severe. God says, separate yourself from the world and live your life for Me. I choose to serve You today Lord, to obey You and honour You. God bless you Church, as you choose Him today,

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