Summary: Have an attitude of expectation

Expect To Receive From God

Subtitle: Have an attitude of expectation

Main Text: Acts 3:1-10, focus on verse 5

1. Some things we should always expect from God:

a. We should always expect to receive answers to our prayers.

b. We should always expect to receive healing for our physical bodies.

c. We should always expect to prosper.

d. We should always expect to grow spiritually

(1) Never become satisfied with where you are at in Christ. Always desire to achieve more in Him.

e. We should always expect to live victoriously over sin and temptation.

f. We should expect to receive revival.

g. Expect to win souls for Christ

(1) The reason many do not witness is because they don’t EXPECT to win anyone to Christ.

h. We should always expect to overcome trials and tribulations.

i. We should always expect to accomplish the impossible.

j. We should expect to appropriate any other promises and benefits the Bible has revealed to us.

2. Heb. 11:1; Heb. 6:17-19

a. Hope - Desire accompanied by expectation of or belief in fulfillment in. Expectation of fulfillment or success.

3. Steps found in Acts 3:1-3 for receiving:

a. Verse 3 - Ask

b. Verse 4 - Fix your eyes on both the promise and the promiser.

c. Verse 5 - EXPECT to receive something

d. Verse 6 - Expect God to do it His way and not ours.

(1) Many times we expect God to do things a certain way or fulfill His promises in a certain way. God will do it the way it pleases Him.

(2) What did this man need? Silver and gold? Sure he did but he needed to be healed first so that he could WORK for it, not BEG for it. God does not want His children being beggars and paupers. This does not glorify Him. He desires His children to be healthy and propsperous so that they can be a testimony of His goodness. Also that they may contribute to the work of the Lord and the furthering of His kingdom upon the earth.

(3) Some people teach that God MAY heal if it’s His will. Take notice that Peter nor John stopped to pray to try to ascertain the will of God for this man’s healing. THEY ALREADY KNEW IT. They were able to act in faith and speak with authority because they already knew the will of God for him.

e. Verse 7 - Notice how when you EXPECT God to do something, His power immediately begins to operate. Faith is the switch that turns on the power of God.

f. Verse 8 - Act in faith.

(1) Some whom I’ve heard teach on this chapter have said that this man had no faith and needed none. I beg to differ for 3 reasons.

(a) He had to have faith to expect something.

(b) He had to have faith to listen to Peter’s command

(c) He had to have faith to act upon Peter’s command - if he had just sat there when Peter told Him to rise up and walk he would have received nothing. Peter nor John forced this man up. His actions were totally voluntary. This is why God requires faith on our behalf. He will not force anything on you - good or bad. You must RECEIVE it. If not, you won’t get it because He won’t force it on you.

g. Verse 8 - Give God the praise.

h. Verses 9-10 - Testify to others.

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