Summary: God's word changes lives of those who desire it.

Intro: Can God’s Word bring real life change to people today? The Bible is the living Word of God (Heb. 4:12). It is infallible and has God Almighty as its Author. This book is called the “Word of life” and brings strong hope to those who believe it.

Illus: In Genesis – He’s the Breath of Life, Exodus – the Passover Lamb, Leviticus – Our High Priest, Numbers – Fire by night, Deuteronomy – Moses Voice, Joshua – Salvation’s Choice, Judges – Law Giver, Ruth – Kinsman Redeemer, 1 and 2 Samuel – Trusted Prophet, Kings and Chronicles – Sovereign, Ezra – True and Faithful Scribe, Nehemiah – Rebuilder of Broken Walls and Lives, Esther – Mordecai’s Courage, Job – Timeless Redeemer, Psalms – Our Morning Song, Proverbs – Wisdom’s Cry, Ecclesiastes – Time and Season, Song of Solomon – Lover’s Dream – Isaiah – Prince of Peace, Jeremiah – Weeping Prophet, Lamentations – Cry for Israel, Ezekiel – Call from sin, Daniel, the Stranger in the Fire, Hosea – Forever Faithful, Joel – Spirit’s power – Amos – The Arms that Carry Us – Obadiah – the Lord our Savior – Jonah – Great Missionary – Micah – Promise of Peace – Nahum – Strength and Shield – Habakkuk and Zephaniah – Pleading for revival – Haggai – Restores Lost Heritage – Zachariah – Our Fountain – Malachi – Son of Righteousness Rising with Healing in His Wings- Matthew, Mark, Luke, John – God, Man, Messiah – Acts – Fire from Heaven – Romans – Grace of God – Corinthians – Power of love – Galatians – freedom from the curse of sin – Ephesians – Glorious Treasure – Philippians – Servants heart – Colossians – God-Head Trinity – Thessalonians – our Coming King – Timothy, Titus, Philemon – Mediator and our Faithful Pastor – Hebrews – Everlasting Covenant – James – the One who heals the sick – 1 and 2 Peter – He’s our Shepherd – John and Jude – Lover coming for His Bride – Revelation – King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

PROP. SENT: The Bible teaches us of its own power and potential to transform (revive) the lives of those individuals or societies who crave its truths and willingly apply it to their lives.


A. Single Minded Neh. 8:1a

God’s people had been freed from the Babylonian empire and with God’s hand and Nehemiah’s leadership the wall of Jerusalem is miraculously built in 52 days - Faithful leaders have been assigned their positions in God’s order of worship – A generous offering has been taken and received – God’s people have a single heart and mind to worship the Lord their God.

• They met at Water Gate to hear the Scriptures – God’s Word is often symbolized as water because it can take the filth out of our lives and make us clean!

“That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word” (Ephesians 5:26).

“Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you” (John 15:3).

Note – There are many reasons why people come to church – yet the most important reason is to hear what God has to say to us through His word.

God’s Word teaches us of the importance of assembling ourselves to worship, hear the Word, live our witness.

Hebrews 10:25, “…not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much more as you see the Day approaching.”

Note – A college freshman was giving her best friend a tour of the college she attended. They spent little to no time in the classrooms or libraries – but most of the time observing local hot spots for men. She showed her friend great places for hanging out, restaurants, malls, theaters, etc. Upon returning to her dorm room, she told her friend to be quiet because other girls were studying. As their neared the dorm entrance she whispered, “All they do is study. Honestly, I don’t even know why they came to college.”

Note – we come to church primarily to hear and be

transformed by the Word of God!

B. Scripture Minded Neh. 8:1b-2

• A single hearted people in the Lord assemble themselves together to hear God’s Word – The day in which they assembled was strategic and timely – the first day of the seventh month of the Jewish calendar is similar to New Year’s Day for us – It was time for a new beginning - Celebrations during the seventh month included the Feast of Trumpets (1st day), the day of Atonement (10th day), and the Feast of Tabernacles (15th to 21st day).

Note – New Year’s Resolutions – how about spiritual resolutions led by the Word of God and empowered by the Spirit of God? Our SBC President, Johnny Hunt, recently twittered his goal for 2010, “I wish to embrace my deepest devotion ever in being ablazed for the glory of God. To love Jesus supremely and intimately. He’s worthy!

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