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Summary: What is Spiritual Pride ? How to overcome it ? This sermon looks at these questions and how the 5 I Wills of Satan show five aspects of spiritual pride.

(1) INTRODUCTION: How does this passage of Scripture apply to us if it talks primarily of the fall of Satan ?

(a) It’s actually written about an earthly man - the King of Babylon (v4).

(b) Satan tempted man to go a similar way as him (Gen 3:5)

(c) Throughout Scripture we are warned against the spiritual pride revealed here.

The 5 things Satan desired were actually God’s will for him and for mankind!

What was wrong ? He said ’I Will’ in every case - Spiritual Pride.

Jesus showed us the right way ’...not my will, but Yours be done..’ (Luke 22:42). Satan has 5 I Wills but God the Father has 7 He Wills (Deut 30:3-10) - Satan’s I Wills are all Self-Centred, God’s are Others-Centred.

(2) THE FIVE ASPECTS OF SPIRITUAL PRIDE: (NB. All these 5 I Wills were said in his heart (v13) - were initially hidden to all but God. Even when he was worship leader in heaven, archangel and spiritual leader, spiritual pride crept in. No one is exempt from this temptation.)

The 5 I Wills show 5 areas of Spiritual Pride...

(i) To be in the Godly Place - ’I will ascend to heaven’.

The desire to be spiritual/heavenly. This IS GOD’S WILL for us. But it is not attained by self will.

How did Jesus ascend to heaven ? See Eph 1:21 - not His own effort.

How about us ? See Eph 2:6

(ii) To have a Godly Position - ’I will raise my throne above the stars..’

The desire to be someone special with a position all will recognise.

Again, this is God’s will for us, but not in our own strength.

How did Jesus attain position ? See Eph 1:21, Phil 2:5-11

How about us ? Luke 1:52, 1 Peter 5-6

(iii)To have Godly Power - ’I will sit enthroned on the mount...’

The desire to rule over others, demonstrating great power.

God’s will is that we rule and reign with him (Rev 5:10).

How did Jesus reach the place of rulership ? Eph 1:20

How about us ? Eph 2:6

(iv) To have Godly Purity - ’I will ascend above the tops of the clouds.’

The desire to be pure and holy - righteous in the eyes of others.

God’s will is that we be holy as He is holy, but not of our selves!

How did Jesus rise above the clouds ? Acts 1:9

How about us ? 1 Thess 4:17

(v) To have a Godly Personality - ’I will make myself like..God.’

The desire to be like God.

This again is His will for us...but we cannot make ourself like Him!

Jesus - Col 1:15

Us - 1 Cor 15:49

(3) CONCLUSION: Satan’s 5 I Wills reveal how we can rise up in spiritual pride through our own self will, effectively counterfeiting God’s Will. All five areas are actually what God wants for us, but by saying ’I Will’ we become more like Satan than God.This will surely lead to a fall.

We must say ’Not my will, but Yours be done’. His will is always for us to be humbly reaching out in love to others.

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