Summary: It takes extra-ordinary people, living extra-ordinary lives to proclaim the truth of the Gospel. It takes extra-ordinary people, living extra-ordinary lives to proclaim that Jesus is Lord. It takes extra-ordinary people, living extra-ordinary lives to pro

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Average is not good enough

I’m sure many of you are Peanuts fans like me. One day Linus came home with his report card. As he turned on the TV, his sister Lucy scoffed at his grade: “You got a “C” in history? That’s only average.” Linus defended himself: “So what? I’m an average student in an average school in an average community. What’s wrong with being average?” Lucy retorted, “Because you’re capable of doing much better.”

How many of us settle for just average eh?

Average man Average Woman

 The average man is 34.4 years old. The average woman is 45.

 He is married with two children. She has 2.5 children (married?)

 earns £17,500 per year earns £16,000 per year

 sleeps for 6 hours on a work night. Sleeps 6hrs 45 minutes (prob every night)

 The average man is 5’ 9" tall. The average woman is 5’4” tall

 weighs 175 pounds (12.5 stone) Weighs 152 pounds (10.8 stone)

 Takes a size 9 shoe Takes a size 5 show

I wonder how close are you to the average?

Average Christian

The average Christian will, over the course of their life (about 35 - 40 years):

Attend more than 1,600 church services

hear more than 1,600 sermons,

sing over 20,000 christian worship songs,

participate in over 10,000 public prayers...

and will lead zero people to faith in Jesus Christ in the course of their Christian lifetime.

It’s a sobering and sad statistic. How close are you to being an average Christian? As Lucy said to Linus ‘we’re all capable of doing much better’.

Average Disciples

Those 12 disciples that Jesus chose to follow him were just ordinary, average people. Peter, Andrew, James and John were just ordinary, average, everyday fishermen, living ordinary, average lives, doing ordinary, average jobs. Matthew was just an ordinary, average, everyday tax collector, living an ordinary, average life, doing an ordinary, average job.

But then they met Jesus and they became average, ordinary people, living extra-ordinary lives. That’s what happens. When ordinary, average people have an encounter with Jesus Christ they become average, ordinary people living extra-ordinary lives.

But it doesn’t end there. These disciples didn’t remain average people. They didn’t remain ordinary people. When they first met Jesus Christ they became average, ordinary people living extra-ordinary lives – but when they met the risen Christ – they became extra-ordinary people living extra-ordinary lives – and the book of Acts is where that transformation, from the average and ordinary, to the extra-ordinary, takes place.

Facts about Acts

So over the next few weeks we’re going to be looking at the ‘Facts about Acts’. Many people have pointed out how similar life in the first century is to life in the twenty first century. Back then Christians lived in a predominately pagan culture where the vast majority of people had no knowledge of God.

They lived under Roman rule and as Christianity began to spread the Roman rulers reacted first with apathy, then with curiosity, and then finally with outright hostility.

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