Summary: I used this sermon when I was talking to our students about becomming a new creation. We also used creative games to help bring the message to life.


Tonight I want us to talk about the fact that God wants to make us totally Make Over our lives spiritually. He wants to totally revamp the way we think and the way we approach God. God wants you and I to live with the goal to be whole and complete in Christ. We so often clutter up our lives with so much stuff that we forget what and who God has called us to be, Tonight it is my prayer that God makes over our lives.

1.) We have all messed up. (Romans 3:23)

-It is important for us to remember that we are all sinners. Isn’t it true that you and I have messed up? We have all offended God b/c of sin in our lives and we are sinners when we are compared to the holiness of God.

Illustration: Beautiful diamond held next to black cloth. The black cloth makes the diamond look brighter. The same thing is true when we are held up beside God. We see His holiness!

-Look at Isaiah 6, When Isaiah sees the holiness of God and God’s awesome glory, Isaiah realizes that he is unholy. Talk about the holiness and glory of God.

2.) We are a new creation when we belong to Christ. (2Corinthians 5:17)

We become a totally new creation when we belong to Christ.

a.) Who?

Those who belong to Christ(NCV)

-You are only a new creation when you belong to Christ. That means if you are not following Christ and have not committed your life to Him you are not a new creation.

b.) What?


-Everything in our lives is a new creation when we come to know Christ. When we ask God to forgive us He forgives us. We dont have to feel guilty anymore. (Romans 8:1) Whenwe become a Christain and recieve the grace of forgiveness, we have all we need to live the Christian life.

-We will have tough times in life and we will face temptations, stuff happens-that’s life, but we must remember that we are a new creation and Christ lives in you.

-Talk about a personal struggle to remember this.

3.) Renew your mind every day. (Ephesians 4:24)

Put on the new person. To become a new person we must be follow God daily and renew our minds. How do we do that?

a.) Spend time with God.

Isnt it true that when you spend time with God and get us more on His page? We become more like a new creation. How do you spend time with God? This is something my youth pastor taught me when I was in high school;





We must remember to SPAM. it is important to study God’s word. It is important to communicate with God through prayer and to meditate(Think About) Him.

b.) Be truly good and holy

God wants his new creation to be truly good and holy.

-There are just some things that you might have to give up because you strive to be holy. It’s tough to give up things that most middle schoolers and high schoolers dont have to give up. But we must give up whatever it is that hinders our relationship to God. Examples: Some Music, Habits, Movies, TV, Websites, Relationships---whatever hinders you from being truly good and holy. What is hindering you?


We are sinners and totally un-holy when held up next to the glory of God. We are un worthy, but God has provided a way for us to be a new creation. We are a new person when we follow Christ and we can be truly good and holy. I challenge you to renew your mind daily and stand in awe of God as you ask the question what is hindering me?

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