Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: We are to be faithful, inquisitive, available, and teachable Christians not "know it alls"!

What can we say about this picture? (Tim Tebow)

What can we say about this picture? (George Washington)

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is why 2000 years ago teachers would tell their students to picture something, then give a lesson based on that picture; these word pictures with a lesson are called parables. Jesus taught His followers about faith in God and in Him, and He used many parables. Today, we will learn from the simple illustration of turning on a light.

Please open your Bibles to Luke 8…..

Before reading our passage, let us pray our commitment to God’s Word….

Read along with me Luke 8:16-18….

A parable is a word picture with a lesson.

What is the simple word picture which Jesus used to teach a lesson in this passage?

A lamp lit should be placed on a stand! Today, we have all sorts of lamps and each has a purpose. And so, let us make sure we understand what type of lamp Jesus is talking about here. Of course Jesus was talking about this type of lamp back then (show picture); but for our purposes today, this electric lamp on a stand will do.

In preparation for the lesson, let us note a few things about a lamp lit and placed on a stand:

a. What’s the purpose of lighting a lamp??

A lamp is lit because it is dark!

b. Why place the lit lamp on a stand??

A lit lamp is placed on a stand so it can be seen and be of help for those in the dark!

And so, the thought which Jesus wanted His disciples to note was simple; You don’t hide a lamp. You light a lamp and you put it high so it can be seen and be a help to those in the dark.

Now, many preachers and teachers will focus on this principle about putting the light on a stand, light represents truth, which is God’s Word, especially the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Hide under a bushel? No! I’m gonna let it shine!

This is of course a Godly principle because God speaks about this truth in many other Scriptures. But if we look carefully, the main point of our passage this morning is Luke 8:18, not evangelism.

In context, what were the lessons which Jesus wanted to teach? What does v17 tells us……..

In other words, Whether in the dark or in the light, nothing can truly be hidden.

You can ignore and hide things but in the end the truth will be revealed!

Remember this principle? This light from this lamp is shining. If I turn my back to it, so I don’t see the light anymore, does it mean the light is no longer shining? – of course not! Light will always be light no matter how we respond to it and truths will always be truths no matter how we respond to them!

How will we respond to truths?

The most important part of this passage is in v18! It starts with the word therefore; I’ve said this many times because it is important to note that whenever you see the word “therefore” in the Bible, you need to ask yourself, “What is therefore there for?”

The word therefore in the Bible is a hinge word between facts and a call to action. If we can summarize the facts before v18, it is this: Truths will always be revealed! We really can not hide anything from God!

And what is the call to action?

Consider carefully how you listen!

What is Jesus trying to say here? When truths are being shared, are you truly listening to have an understanding for taking action or ignoring what is shared? Nothing can stop God in revealing truths. Do not ignore what God reveals! Truly listen and have an understanding for taking action in what God says!

And why should we listen carefully? The rest of v18 tells us.

1. The more one understand truths and take action, more will be given.

2. Those who ignore truths will lose everything!

Be careful of being a “know it all”! God is always revealing truths and we are to be continually learning these truths! God is not looking for “know it alls – KIAs”, God is looking for “FIATs”, Faithful, Inquisitve, Available, Teachable people!

Why did Jesus give this parable about a light on a stand? In context here, it is not about evangelism.

Jesus has been talking about faith and growing faith in Luke 7 and 8. Faith is based on God’s truths! The “light” – God’ truths will always be revealed! God knows everything and all lies will eventually be disclosed! Jesus’ desire for every Christian is to grow in faith and produce godly harvest!!

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