Summary: Moses was and still is a very interesting character in the bible.

Face to Face with God (Ex. 33:7-23)

Moses was and still is a very interesting character in the bible. I’m particularly drawn to this great man not only because of the great and mighty works God did through him but his desire to know God more. Considering his background, weaknesses and inadequacies he was by far not qualified by the standards of men to be used as much as God used him. Is n’t that why He (God) is called the Almighty. He would pick up a fugitive who’s been written off and make a deliverer out of him. We need to understand that Moses before the beginning of his ministry was a wanted murderer, on the run from Pharaoh in the backside of the desert. The man who used to be a prince in the great kingdom of Egypt was now a shepherd in the wilderness of Midian. He wasn’t even tending his own sheep but the sheep of his father -in-law. Have you ever been driven out of your comfort zone to the back side of the desert? Then Moses would be a good role model for you. He should have been very bitter, angry at God for bringing him to such a low state. He could even have been negligent in dealing with his father -in-law’s sheep but not Moses. God was preparing him for his role as she shepherd of the great people of God Israel but he was not aware of it. The thing you’re going through at the moment might be God preparing you for your assignment in life.

Moses, while faithfully keeping his father-in-law’s sheep, stumbled into God’s presence. I’m aware that some of you walked and worked your ways into His presence. You were given birth to right on the altar and you’ve been in church all your life. I congratulate you but I just want to talk for a minute or two to one or two people who stumbled into His presence. Those of us who were like Paul the apostle going about our daily business kicking against the gospel. Moses saw a light ( bush burning) and Paul saw a light (shining from heaven). He did not plan to be a prophet neither did Paul plan to be an apostle. They both stumbled into that position. Let me quickly say that the fact that God trust you enough to bring you into His presence is a priviledge which you must work out to keep. Moses was privy to God’s presence and never took it for granted at all, same with Paul. King Saul was someone God honoured with a position but took it for granted and lost it. Solomon was loved by God and God visited him with His presence but did not value God’s presence, lost it and lost all. So Moses stumbled into His presence with his weaknesses, inadequacies. Notice that God did not use Moses past against him. His past was covered in His presence. God actually sent him back to the man he was running from. He became a terror to his terroriser. By the time he was leaving the presence of God something had changed in his life. His presence would take away your weakness and turn it into strength. This man not only accessed God’s presence but was discussing with God, now that is another level. No wonder he was always coming back and seeking more of His presence.

Now to our bible passage, verse 7 says " And Moses took the tabernacle and pitched it without the camp..." ..Away from the camp

Why was the tabernacle pitched outside the camp afar off? there is usually a need for seperation for you to enjoy intimacy... For this reason shall a man leave his.. and they two shall become one. There is a leaving before you can have a cleaving.

Everyone went to the tabernacle but they don’t get the same result. Many come to God’s presence but not many experience the presence of God.. Selah..

Why did all the people come out to look when Moses went into the tabernacle? Something must have been happenning whenever Moses went up that made the people come out to see. Moses going up was not like every other man that went up..It was different. This was probably borne out of relationship rather than a routine. The passage also says that as soon as Moses showed up in the tabernacle the cloud descended and God spoke. This paints a very romantic picture in my mind.. A new bride glows with enthusiasm and excitement as soon as she sees her husband. She wants to tell him everything that happened to her that day, she wants to hold him, want to talk to him. Moses was the bride of God.. His beloved.. So the natural thing was intimacy.

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